zimbatm changed the topic of #nixcon to: NixCon 2019 is coming! https://2019.nixcon.org/
<t184256> definitely not 20. I lived in the cheapest one I could find and it was closer to 35 per night
<adisbladis> New bronze sponsor: Immutable Solutions
* adisbladis is paying 33 per night for a double room
<martyet-o> hmmm, thanks for feedback :)
<martyet-o> will search close to these
<martyet-o> coool!
<t184256> adisbladis: as in, right now?
<adisbladis> t184256: No, as in for Nixcon
<adisbladis> That's for a two-bedroom apartment a few minutes walk from the venue
<t184256> so, not a hotel?
<adisbladis> It's more expensive now, still pretty cheap
<t184256> 66 EUR/night doesn't sound 'cheap' for Brno, but it undoubtedly varies from person to person
<t184256> still, martyet-o's estimate of 20 EUR/night sounds very off. My rent is 19, but it's for a 2 year lease.
<manveru> well, i booked at the grand hotel, if anyone wants to join i got a bed free :)
<fadenb> I got hotel rooms for ~44€/night (Thursday to Sunday) at VV very close to the venue
<adisbladis> t184256: Oh wow, actually looking at the same room it was much more expensive, from ~130 -> 240
<martyet-o> mmmm, guys, where we have logos from sponsors?
<martyet-o> can you adisbladis or/and possibly zimbatm send me to martin@martinmyska.cz? svg (vectors) in best :)
<martyet-o> wanna try to work out back side of badges
<gchristensen> did sponsors know they would be on the back of badges?
<adisbladis> No, that was never communicated.
<gchristensen> probably shouldn't put it on then
<adisbladis> ++
<gchristensen> that way next year you can charge more
<adisbladis> martyet-o: We'd need to verify with them first, they may want to control their branding
<gchristensen> well, and don't give stuff away for free
<adisbladis> That too
<gchristensen> they've paid you for what you offered
<martyet-o> just a mockup being made..
<martyet-o> :)
<gchristensen> okay, but don't make it harder next year to upsell to their logo on the badge :)
<martyet-o> lol, there is still option to put there vpsfree + nixos foundation + AVC and its done :)
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<martyet-o> but i want to sketch it up, what eyes cant see.. cant be reviewed :-)
<martyet-o> (it will end up this way, most likely)
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<andi-> martyet-o: in the website repo are all the logos most (all?) as svgs
<adisbladis> andi-: It's very mixed
<adisbladis> Some are pngs, some svgs and I think we even have one jpeg
<andi-> Awwhh
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<martyet-o> adisbladis: cool, no problem :-)
<martyet-o> but there are really much sponsors, maybe it will be smarter to put just main sponsors, organizators and thank message to all others :-)
<martyet-o> will discover more options soon, at sunday (monday max) i will push accomodations topic :)