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<jared-w> Are there any RFCs out or literature on improving the performance of the nix language itself? Just curious since I don't seem to be able to find a lot of stuff on the language implementation details
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<__monty__> Not afaik. I'm also not sure an RFC process is useful/necessary for strictly performance improvements.
<__monty__> They're more about policy and behavior.
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<jared-w> Makes sense. I suppose I'm mostly just curious if there's potential to "dramatically" improve the performance of nix or if certain types of slowness are more located in things like stdenv.mkDerivation or bash
<__monty__> I doubt that the problem is evaluating nix.
<__monty__> At least I've assumed it's because of a ton of IO.
<puck> i've been trying to optimize the evaluation of nix and remove some interesting design things
<jared-w> puck: ooh nice. What kinda strategies/approaches are you taking and what have you noticed slowing it down?
<puck> primarily i've been working on my own evaluator, and very much separating parsing from evaluating
<jared-w> Nice; that seems like something that could have big wins
<jared-w> any relation to rnix then or separate?
<puck> it uses the rnix parser, yeah
<jared-w> noice. I can't find any repos or anything on the internet so I'm guessing it's still private?
<puck> yeah
<puck> there's a bunch of restructuring I have to do until I can evaluate nixpkgs properly
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<jared-w> Makes sense. It'll be cool to see it when it's ready though :)
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