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<puck> nix-repl> let "true" = false; in true == false
<puck> true
<qyliss> WHAT
<puck> also, i figured out you don't actually need flakes ever
<puck> nix-repl> (import ./cursed_import.nix).import github:nixos/nixpkgs
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<puck> not sure what to do with this power
<__monty__> puck: Isn't that the acronym that shall not be named?
<puck> this isn't IFD, this is just an extremely cursed wrapper for builtins.fetchGit
<__monty__> accursedUnutterableFetchGit?
<qyliss> I'm not sure flake references like that will end up in actual Nix code
<puck> yes, of course
<puck> but also it's funny to make cursed nix code
<noonien> hello
<noonien> i remember some issues, and a talk regarding rust in `nix`
<noonien> seems to have just popped up, that declares safe c++ interop or rust
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<EsperLil1> What causes the error `path: '/nix/store/...' is not valid`?
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<EsperLily> I'm getting this after I modified a fetchFromGitHub with an `extraPostFetch` step
<EsperLily> the modification adds a new subdirectory to the out path. If I then delete the subdirectory I don't get the error, but I can't think of what's in it that would be invalid
<EsperLily> it's basically just checking out some git repositories