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<EsperLily> `nix-hash` runs just fine on the directory, which I would assume means it has no problem serializing to NAR, so I don't know what's going on
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<EsperLily> apparently it's a sqlite3 file called manifest.db. If I delete it, the error goes away. I don't know why this would be
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<infinisil> Update: attribute access is apparently O(log n) and not O(n) as I previously suspected!
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<jared-w> infinisil: hmm... interesting
<jared-w> infinisil: In my advent of code, I was trying to make a giant path finding traversal using attrsets as a "hash map" because lists were blowing up and not working. Unfortunately, the attrset was even slower and I could never figure out why because I thought access was O(1)
<infinisil> Yeah one would expect they're O(1)..
<jared-w> Definitely threw me for a loop when my (admittedly horribly inefficient program) blew through 9G+ of ram and then segfaulted. The list version with strings being spliced on the fly into "tuples" fared better but it was still ridiculously terrible and also segfaulted. I miiight've been able to get it to work with a janky fold but at that point I kinda gave up and called it a day
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