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<angerman> so if I run nix-shell shell.nix -i bash --pure, I won't get any of the PATH, and other env variables set?
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<abathur> not entirely true :)
<abathur> also I think -i may be only for shebangs
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<thefloweringash> andi-: my coworker has nvim running on m1, I think he bumped the sources to nightly 0.5.0 and disabled python2
<abathur> oof
<abathur> I'm trying the update to 11.3 beta without applying the nixbld user patch, and this is nightmarish
<abathur> it seems like maybe it has failed into some worse ~reset kind of recovery; it made me log in with my apple account and then showed me all of the users on the system, including the nixbld ones, and roughly told me that unless I had the password for an admin account I had to reset all of their passwords one by one (but it never prompted me for a password to the admin account)
<abathur> took pictures of those screens, then rebooted without doing anything to see if it'll still eventually boot like the previous updates
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<abathur> heh, it did still boot to a normal login afterwards
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<abathur> ok, I've updated #4351 and #4352; way past pumpkin time for me
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/4351 (by FlorentBecker, 6 years ago, closed): Update ocamlfind to version 1.5.3
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/4352 (by ehmry, 6 years ago, closed): assimp: initial package expression for version 3.1.1
<abathur> agh
<abathur> ok, I've updated nix#4351 and nix#4352, and *now* I can turn into a pumpkin
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4351 (by Ma27, 8 weeks ago, merged): primops/fromJSON: add error position in case of parse error
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4352 (by jonringer, 8 weeks ago, merged): treat s3 permission errors as file-not-found
<abathur> oh my god
<abathur> I am too tired to be doing this
<abathur> nix#4531 nix#4532 !
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/4531 (by abathur, 1 day ago, open): macOS Big Sur updates w/ multi-user Nix present "booted to Recovery" because "an error occurred migrating user data"
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4532 (by abathur, 1 day ago, open): fix nixbld user name/uid for macOS/darwin
* abathur turns into a squash and rolls off into the night
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<andi-> thefloweringash: Yeah, must be fixed in master, I just found this issue which seems to be exactly the issue: https://github.com/neovim/neovim/issues/13399
<{^_^}> neovim/neovim#13399 (by dive, 10 weeks ago, closed): SIGKILL when run nvim executable during `make` with Apple Clang
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<angerman> I'm a bit lost how https://github.com/LnL7/nix-darwin/pull/289 could lead to a flake brakage.
<{^_^}> LnL7/nix-darwin#289 (by angerman, 6 hours ago, open): adds gitlab-runner
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<abathur> if anyone feels the urge to (or already did) gripe at Apple about the update/recovery issue, I opened a feedback last night that you can refer to: FB8997501
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<dhess> upgraded to 11.2.1, no problems :)
<dhess> You my friend are a genius! Thanks!
<abathur> nice :)
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* dhess high fives abathur
<dhess> oh no, my nix-darwin updater just installed the old users again?
<dhess> nooooo
<dhess> hahaah ugh
<abathur> ruhroh
<abathur> though, this does answer a question for me
<abathur> I've been wondering why the system I'm on right now has nixbld users since it's a single-user install; I'd just assumed that I goofed something at some point playing with installers
<__monty__> I had this happen on a single-user install too, ages ago.
* dhess cries
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<abathur> :) nix-darwin#287
<abathur> oh hmm
<abathur> :) LnL7/nix-darwin#287
<{^_^}> https://github.com/LnL7/nix-darwin/issues/287 (by knl, 5 days ago, open): Running the installer on single-user Nix installs nixbld* accounts
<dhess> abathur: how can I delete a nixbld user, is there a single dscl command?
<dhess> or is it multiple steps?
<abathur> this shouldn't be that hard, though tbh I haven't been doing any of this work with nix-darwin atop, so I don't really know if it's going to keep messing with it or not
<dhess> I can patch up nix-darwin so that it doesn't happen again (though coming up with a proper migration/fix will take more time)
<__monty__> dhess: From my history, use at your own risk `dscl . -list /Users | while read user; printf "$user "; dsmemberutil checkmembership -U "$user" -G "nixbld"; end | grep "is a member" | cut -d " " -f 1;`
<abathur> iirc it's just `sudo dscl . delete /Users/nixbld1`, but I think, per the trouble bauer had, that we also need to remove them from the group first
<__monty__> Oh, I guess that's only part of it...
<dhess> __monty__: f***ng Apple...
<dhess> why is this so difficult
<abathur> and then delete it
<__monty__> Yeah, so that's just to list them, then I deleted the group and then the users in a loop.
<LnL-> nix-darwin has logic to both create and delete users
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<abathur> but yeah, in bash at least a little for builder in nixbld{1..32}; do things with $builder; done
<dhess> LnL: so what would be a quick fix here so that I can rebuild nix-darwin and convince it to delete the users it just created?
<abathur> doesn't it have assertions that'll stop it from deleting the last user, though?
<LnL> users.knownUsers = genList (x: "nixbld${toString (i + 1)}") 32;
<dhess> abathur: do I need to delete the group, too? Or is the group the same as the one you add your _nixbld users to?
<LnL> same for the group
<abathur> the group can stay
<dhess> LnL: ahh so that will make nix-darwin assume that it doesn't manage those (non-existent) users and then it wont try to create them?
<LnL> well it should since it manges the install
<abathur> it looks like there's an option users.nix.configureBuildUsers
<LnL> I haven't really been following the full thing, but adding a user account shouldn't break your system
<LnL> so I kind of still don't understand what's going on
<abathur> you'd think that :)
<abathur> my best (but not entirely grounded) guess is that they're trying to do some sort of user state migration, and they're doing it to any users that don't fit their definition of a role account
<abathur> (which our nixbld users do not)
<LnL> so that would impy the entire users.users module borks the system?
<abathur> not sure exactly what about them trips it up from there, perhaps it isn't expecting to get /var/empty as a homedir, or something
<abathur> I don't know, should probably try to test for it
<LnL> single user + darwin config might be easy to automate for testing :)
<abathur> basically it seems to want "role" accounts to have names that start with an underscore, and UIDs in the range 200-400; I haven't extensively poked at this because it's time-expensive to iterate on, but renaming nixbld users and changing IDs to fit does stop the behavior
<abathur> this is based on the dumb-luck to stumble on an edit they made to the usage info for sysadminctl, and some new flags they added to it
<LnL> ^ that's what initialises them during install so services.nix-daemon isn't insane to recover from with a single user install
<dhess> abathur: ok this looks ok, right?
<dhess> uid=332(_nixbld32) gid=30000(nixbld) groups=30000(nixbld),12(everyone),20(staff),61(localaccounts),100(_lpoperator),701(com.apple.sharepoint.group.1)
<abathur> I think so, try to force a build of something
<abathur> Nix'll bark at you if it can't find the build users
<abathur> unfortunately, I have no clue how or if it's even possible to automate update testing
<abathur> these aren't just patently invalid, they're only breaking during updates
<abathur> I guess maybe some of the fancy interaction that OSX-KVM or whatever does with the VM suggests that it might be possible to script the interactions to trigger an update
<abathur> I'm a little miffed with them for also whiffing on the additions to sysadminctl so far
<abathur> so its -addUser action has a new -roleAccount option, but it basically just asserts that the user name needs a leading underscore and a UID in the range
<abathur> instead of just picking a free UID in the damn range and printing it...
<abathur> LnL: screenshot here of the nightmare the update to 11.3 beta will boot you into: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4532#issuecomment-775731938
<abathur> * the actual pw change dialog isn't there to start with; just illustrating what pops up when you click one
<dhess> LnL: if you do that users.knownUsers workaround you get this: error: Using the nix-daemon requires build users, aborting activation
<dhess> on a system with nix-daemon.enable = true anyway
<LnL> ah yeah, there's some stuff in there to make sure you don't shoot yourself in the foot
<dhess> no worries, I can hack up a fix
<LnL> system.activationScripts.checks.text = mkForce "";
<LnL> don't keep that tho
<LnL> as for the proper fix, I guess this needs to be updated to create different build users similar to the pr
<dhess> yeah that is what I was planning to do, but there is also the need to migrate the existing ones. I guess incorporate abathur's script into the system activation scripts?
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<dhess> or I guess just check for the old ones & delete them if present
<dhess> that's probably easier since you already have the user creation bits.
<dhess> abathur: is there anything else you changed about the migrated users other than their names and their uids ?
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<LnL> yeah, shouldn't be terribly complicated
<abathur> depends on how technical we're getting
<abathur> migration is a slightly different case
<LnL> the installer could also only enable creation during install when the daemon is enabled, however that makes setting wrong options more dangerous
<abathur> the migration superstitiously deletes some properties on the users
<abathur> dsAttrTypeNative:_writers_passwd, which I found was still pointing to the old names; I gather this setting indicates which users are allowed to change the password of the current user
<LnL> my point was to make things as straightforward as possible since some hidden and unused users doesn't hurt anybody
<abathur> nod
<LnL> and I still think that, this is just madness IMHO :D
<abathur> oh, I agree
<abathur> it took some self control not to rage when I finally wrote the feedback report last night
<abathur> and to keep my snark at about a 2-3
<LnL> the "/private/var/empty 1" is the only weird thing I've noticed about this
<abathur> yeah
<abathur> fiddling with that didn't help, but I do think the same migration process, or something similar, is causing it
<abathur> when I get the users fixed up, it doesn't get changed to that anymore
<LnL> we explicitly set the nfshomedir but for some reason that suffix gets added at some point
<abathur> yeah
<LnL> do you know if that happens immediately or is that only on long running systems (eg. previous upgrades)
<abathur> my vague what-could-they-be-doing? musing on the empty_1 is that they're trying to migrate the user's directory for some reason, perhaps moving it out of the way before updating, and have code to avoid an overwrite
<abathur> so when they come back at the end and it exists, they change it? but I still don't get why there aren't _32 of them if that's the case
<LnL> yeah, I'm thinking more of some kind of migration locking over the homedir
<LnL> so when it runs into multiple users with the same location stuff gets stuck
<abathur> I don't; I do know that the update directly caused that to happen when I was testing
<abathur> i.e., systems go into the update with fresh installs and /var/empty, and come out with /private/var/empty_1
<abathur> but my current catalina system has a /var/'empty 1' directory that I've puzzled over before, so I suspect whatever causes that has been going on for a little longer
<LnL> yeah it definitively considers them to be regular users, they have to be hidden explicitly
<dhess> in nix-darwin it looks like nixbld users get some sort of GroupMembership attribute? https://github.com/LnL7/nix-darwin/blob/828879f93084fdd5b12925acc016497d2410bdc4/modules/users/default.nix#L113
<abathur> just went back in my scrollback and confirmed that my nixbld users had homedirs of '/private/var/empty 1' before I ran the script on them
<dhess> what's that all about?
<LnL> renaming probably makes that automatic so not a bad idea regardless of this bizarre issue
<dhess> After running abathur's migration script, I get this:
<dhess> dscl . -read /Groups/nixbld GroupMembership
<dhess> No such key: GroupMembership
<LnL> hmm, from what I remember GroupMembership is needed to actually make lookup by group work
<LnL> which is what nix does
<abathur> they should have membership
<dhess> The nixbld group has many GroupMembers (UUIDs)
<dhess> yeah it has 32 members
<abathur> I think
<dhess> so they're in the group
<LnL> maybe the property was renamed?
<dhess> abathur: yeah they're in the group. But GroupMembers is empty
<dhess> or doesn't exist
<dhess> sorry sorry
<dhess> GroupMembers has 32 UUIDs
<dhess> GroupMembership doesn't exist
<abathur> let me try running it on this 11.3 system real quick
<dhess> I suspect this is going to break the nix-darwin activation scripts
<LnL> that's supposed to be equivalent to dseditgroup except setting the entire list instead of mutating
<abathur> yeah, after running it I have GroupMemberships for all of my _nixbldNs
<dhess> also every _nixbld* user is in gid 30000(nixbld) so that all seems OK
<dhess> abathur: what does dscl . -read /Groups/nixbld GroupMembership output?
<abathur> you may need to run the commands under the fold in this post (assuming bash) https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4532#issuecomment-775307104
<abathur> the _nixbldNs, as I said
<dhess> abathur: ahh I totally missed that comment... but why do I need to run it?
<abathur> any chance you saved a direct link to the old script?
<dhess> I doubt it, just grabbed it about 30 minutes ago
<abathur> that was specifically for anyone (like bauer) who ran the initial version that didn't properly drop the old group members and re-add them
<abathur> do you still have scrollback from it running?
<LnL> yeah, it's kind of weird setting the groupid on a user doesn't actually make it part of the group
<abathur> well
<abathur> I can conjure an arcane possibility
<abathur> I guess more than a few
<abathur> 1.) my install might be different than yours since I'm running it fresh
<abathur> and there may have been some change or fix since you created? not sure if you know what that field looked like before
<dhess> abathur: Don't sweat it, it's cool. A lot of things have gone wrong over here since I first ran it :)
<dhess> had to delete the nix-darwin-created users a few times now :)
<dhess> I will try it on another machine next and let you know how it goes
<abathur> yeah, I'd guess that might be to blame
<abathur> it's possible that dscl . delete also cleans those up
<abathur> and may have deleted the key when you got the last?
<LnL> what a mess, imagine having to deal with user accounts that have actual state
<abathur> since the migration just *renames* the users, it might be behaving a little differently
<abathur> hehe
<dhess> In theory, if I just change the user names and uids that nix-darwin checks for and creates if not present, then a `darwin-rebuild switch` will create the users for me and then I can just delete the old ones, right?
<LnL> yeah, but both need to be in the known list
<abathur> yeah, I don't know; as annoyed as I am, I'm glad it at least happened before nix#4289 landed and daemon installs become the default...
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/4289 (by abathur, 10 weeks ago, open): darwin: encrypt nix volume if filevault is enabled
<dhess> abathur: yeah no doubt
<dhess> LnL: you mean both nixbld* and _nixbld* ?
<LnL> yeah, to indicate both are safe to manage
<LnL> wouldn't want that renaming something in users.users deletes your user account