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<abathur> I've opened issue nix#4531 to document the update/recovery issue
<{^_^}> (by abathur, 2 minutes ago, open): macOS Big Sur updates w/ multi-user Nix present "booted to Recovery" because "an error occurred migrating user data"
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<plumm> LnL apologies for the ping, but do you know if there is a way you could use a package with overridden attributes in your system packages? from here
<__monty__> plumm: Isn't an overlay enough?
<plumm> you know what, i may have just done it
<plumm> lol
<plumm> hm okay, i managed to get the overlay into my system packages , and the derivation built the sources and everything, but the binary still has the wrong version string, interesting (I am trying to upgrade the sbcl package)
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<plumm> gonna try gc
<plumm> 159.025µs /nix/store readlink $(which sbcl)
<plumm> /nix/store/v20qrnd225cxq46zc8f4vgavb5w6jl9h-sbcl-2.1.1/bin/sbcl
<plumm> but sbcl —version returns SBCL 2.0.8.nixos, odd
<abathur> what are you overriding?
<plumm> that is my overlays
<__monty__> .nixos? Sounds like maybe the version is patched somewhere in the nix expression?
<abathur> plumm: overriding a version by itself usually isn't enough if the hash is still the same
<plumm> interesting
<abathur> it's pulling the existing source, by hash
<plumm> ahhh ok i had a feeling
<plumm> for some reason I thought it calculated the sha by going to the url but thinking about it that is not hot that works lol
<abathur> you can usually just change a character, but there's also a symbolic form that actually makes semantic sense
<abathur> obviously I don't use it or I'd remember :P
<abathur> I guess lib.fakeSha256 and lib.fakeHash
<abathur> then when you try to build it'll fail to find it and go ahead and pull the real source, compute what the hash should be, and report the conflict
<abathur> you'll probably end up with both the `version =` and `src =` in your overlay
<__monty__> plumm: Doing the download is exactly the work the hash is supposed to enable you to skip : )
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<abathur> unrelated: if anyone here has avoided taking big sur updates because of the recovery issue, I have a migration script in nix#4532
<{^_^}> (by abathur, 29 minutes ago, open): fix nixbld user name/uid for macOS/darwin
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