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<butterthebuddha> nix.buildCores = 12;
<butterthebuddha> nix.maxJobs = nix.buildCores;
<butterthebuddha> ^ why is that an error?
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<dhess> LnL: thank you!
<LnL> did you use the installer or go through it manually?
<dhess> I'm about to use it
<dhess> I'll let you know how it goes
<dhess> This is a machine with no Nix on it at all
<dhess> Catalina machine
<dhess> LnL: sorry, I'm a bit confused by the gist. It appears to require your cache so will it only work if Nix is already installed?
<dhess> or do I just need to pre-populate an /etc/nix/nix.conf with your substituter?
<LnL> I linked both the output as wel as the tarball, the latter isn't signed
<dhess> ok so I only need the tarball
<dhess> correct?
<LnL> yeah
<dhess> cool here goes
<dhess> OK I ran into the read-only filesystem issue
<dhess> I tried a multi-user install since that's what I'm using everywhere else
<dhess> so it appears that in daemon mode it just skips all the stuff you did to create the APFS volume?
<LnL> hm --daemon runs before the rest?
<dhess> because the first thing it did when I accidentally ran it without --daemon is ask if it could sudo and create the volume
<dhess> I ctrl-c'ed there before it did anything or modified any filesystem state
<dhess> then re-ran with --daemon and it appears it never tried to create the volume
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<LnL> ah I see, --daemon skips the error message I added
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<LnL> if you run without it should tell you to run with --create-volume
<dhess> got a small patch I can apply to this tarball?
<dhess> ok so --daemon --create-volume ?
<LnL> enabling both should work, pretty sure I tested that
<dhess> ok I'll restore the VM snapshot and try that
<LnL> I'll look into adding that for both cases
<dhess> ok it created the volume first, so that's good. It's mounted on /nix and everything
<dhess> installer finished, I'll reboot and make sure everything starts up
<dhess> ok looks like the daemon is running.
<dhess> but what's this crap?
<dhess> % nix build
<dhess> error: experimental Nix feature 'nix-command' is disabled
<dhess> never seen that before
<dhess> I'm sure it's not your installer, must be some new thing in nix 2.4 or something?
<LnL> yeah that's from nix master
<dhess> annoying
<LnL> but at this point you can install stable, nothing from nix itself is needed
<dhess> LnL: anyway, nice work! I would say just make sure that when you specify --daemon that the volume creation logic is the same as when you don't, so that people aren't surprised, and it's good to go
<LnL> yeah good catch, I'll look into that
<dhess> Any changes needed to the nix-darwin installer for Catalina, or can I just run it from master?
<LnL> there's still an issue with fonts I haven't looked at yet
<LnL> and /run -> private/var/run
<dhess> right the /run thing
<dhess> fonts I can work around
<dhess> I think there are 2 PRs waiting for your review that each solve the font issue
<dhess> if I recall when I was poking around yesterday
<dhess> I don't understand why adding flakes support to nix also required disabling the entire "nix" command
<LnL> I think flakes changes the semantics of installables and all the help messages state it's still experimental
<LnL> I like the idea in principle but it's a bit late and a few things like repl and copy don't really have a proper counterpart anymore
<dhess> no repl, ugh
<dhess> LnL: running into problems with the nix-darwin installer and setting up bashrc on a Catalina machine
<dhess> just FYI
<LnL> oh?
<dhess> yeah, I can work around it by saying "no" to Would you like to load darwin configuration in /etc/bashrc? [y/n] n
<LnL> what's the problem?
<dhess> just a sec, I'll put up a gist
<dhess> If you say "n" to managing <darwin> with a channel:
<dhess> if you say "y" to managing <darwin> with a channel:
<__monty__> Maybe you need to source the bashrc to load the NIX_PATH
<dhess> by the way I built the nix-darwin installer like this: nix-build -A installer -I nixpkgs=
<dhess> __monty__: well the shell I'm running the installer in uses nix-build so it sees the NIX_PATH at least
<dhess> however as this is Catalina it's zsh not bash
<dhess> hmm now if I say "no" to managing bashrc it still breaks
<dhess> so this seems to have something to do with the channels and maybe nothing to do with bash
<dhess> I hate channels
<dhess> LnL: I would say don't worry about it for now, let me keep digging until I can figure out what's the root cause here.
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<LnL> are you changing NIX_PATH outside of nix.nixPath?
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<LnL> these checks are in place to try and ensure you don't end up with an environment without nixpkgs or darwin
<dhess> no I'm not messing with any NIX_PATH stuff explicitly
<dhess> I am removing the root nix-channel after installing nix, it might be that
<dhess> I'm working on a script to automate this stuff, I'll skip removing the root nix-channel for now to see if that's the problem.
<LnL> what it basically does is run NIX_PATH=${config.nix.nixPath} nix-instantiate '<darwin>' , etc.
<dhess> I haven't touched any nix config
<LnL> darwin-option nix.nixPath
<LnL> that should list the default and current value
<dhess> I ran your patched Nix installer, ran "sudo -i nix-channel --remove nixpkgs", added /run to /etc/synthetic.conf, rebooted, then built the nix-darwin installer using nixpkgs-19.09-darwin, then ran it
<dhess> anyway I'm kind of half-way right now in between edits, let me get this script running and then it'll be easy to test a bunch of things
<dhess> Is there a way to configure your GitHub account so that it always loads all comments
<dhess> I hate this "Load more comments" thing. Awful UX
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