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<__monty__> Any fellow mpv users that have experienced mpv losing features and then outright not working lately?
<__monty__> First fullscreening stopped working properly and now it won't start at all anymore.
<__monty__> Feeling like a very second-class citizen tbh.
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<LnL> __monty__: I think it might be upstream, 0.31.0 works fine
<__monty__> LnL: I doubt it. It's because nixpkgs doesn't build mpv with libmpv support on darwin.
<__monty__> The cocoa backend has been deprecated for a long time and mpv has changed enough for it to matter now.
<__monty__> I looked into fixing this but swift hasn't been packaged for macOS and I ran out of steam because swift devs didn't care enough to help and I don't care enough about swift to really learn the ins and outs of the swift compiler's build system tbh.
<__monty__> So it went straight into the backlog of things I'll look into again in the future but reluctantly.
<LnL> yeah the swift expression isn't very nice IIRC
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<__monty__> It has lots of quirks and no documentation of why they exist.
<__monty__> I've considered admitting defeat and simply adding a swift-bin expression.
<LnL> do you remember what you got stuck on?
<__monty__> I didn't get stuck. Just tired of running the build, finding what's the matter, fixing up the dep and repeating ad nauseam.
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<eraserhd> Hmm, upgrading to Catalina... mostly working, but `darwin-rebuild switch` complains that /nix is a symlink; however, NIX_IGNORE_SYMLINK_STORE=1 is definitely set.
<eraserhd> Is it possibly cleared by nix-shell or anything?
<eraserhd> Not sure what caused it, but I had to put `environment.variables.NIX_IGNORE_SYMLINK_STORE = "1";` in my macbook's config.
<eraserhd> This is what worked for me. Should I contribute this to the nix-darwin manual or README or something? https://gist.github.com/eraserhd/e0eb35339b99073f3537a956c38ee185
<clever> eraserhd: if your using nix-daemon, then it must be set in the launchd service
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<evelyn> reports suggest setting it as a symlink breaks a quite a few packages
<evelyn> is that true?
<LnL> eraserhd: ah yeah, launchd.services.nix-daemon.serviceConfig.EnvironmentVariables.NIX_IGNORE_SYMLINK_STORE = "1";
<LnL> as for issues you probably won't notice it if you don't build much locally
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<cransom> i build enough locally that i noticed breakage via symlink, even with the right configs. i haven't tried recently though, the disk image seems good enough for now.
<eraserhd> aha, I am apparently using the daemon. I never figured out why I would or wouldn't want thatj.
<LnL> yay! #77632 just landed
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/77632 (by LnL7, 3 weeks ago, merged): stdenv: make darwin builds reproducable
<qyliss> LnL++
<{^_^}> LnL's karma got increased to 22
<eraserhd> So, it's not really possible, post-Catalina, to run nix-darwin without NIX_IGNORE_SYMLINK_STORE, so should it be set globally? And in nix-darwin itself?
<eraserhd> Actually, I guess it is not possible to use nix without it even, so that's the right place?
<{^_^}> nix#3212 (by LnL7, 12 weeks ago, open): [WIP] install: configure and bootstrap synthetic.conf on darwin
<eraserhd> oh my, I guess I stopped watching nix-darwin at some time in the past. Bad eraserhd.
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