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<dhess> Anyone doing code signing with Nix on macOS?
* clever is also interested
<clever> dhess: if you find an answer, pass it along
<gchristensen> I have ideas on getting started
<clever> dhess: possibly of use, i'm using builtins.exec to do windows signing on linux, with nix
<dhess> clever: will do
<gchristensen> I think 'pre-build-hook' is an interesting option here
<LnL> I have a very old branch for codesigning wrappers
<dhess> LnL: do you recall why you abandoned it?
<LnL> that module currently signs with every rebuild
<dhess> yeah ok
<matthewbauer> the problem with codesigning is if it's reproducible, it's not really verifying anything
<matthewbauer> we'd have to have some way to allow impurities in nix for it to really buseful
<gchristensen> (pre-build-hook)
<LnL> pre-build-hook is too early and important for sandboxing
<gchristensen> hm?
<matthewbauer> i guess we could expose some path like /root/.ssh/id_rsa with pre-build-hook have some setup hook sign all of the binaries? might not be too bad of a solution and get this stuff in the binary cache
<matthewbauer> it's definitely a big problem on macOS with not having these signatures, but maybe with something like that we could get a developer id for the Hydra builders to use
<matthewbauer> lack of signatures & lack of a free ibtool are the biggest disadvantages we have right now vs. Brew
<matthewbauer> gchristensen: is that how the secure boot stuff will work? that should probably be a bigger priority, but maybe we can reuse the same key signing
<clever> if CI signs anything in the "trusted" repo, then exploits like this are a major issue :P
<gchristensen> no, secure boot is done at bootloader-writing-time
<matthewbauer> clever: nobody's perfect lol. i'm sure other open source projects do that too though? I could sneak a bad commit to any open source project and there's a chance it winds up in a signed release. we are just more agile
<{^_^}> Homebrew/legacy-homebrew#10199 (by dhess, 7 years ago, closed): Patching from URLs without checksums is a bad idea
<clever> matthewbauer: yeah, but usually the PR review system keeps things out
<clever> leaking a github token lets an attacker bypass that entirely
<matthewbauer> Oh yeah it’s expose to a builder so that’s a vulnerability
<matthewbauer> I guess we need an after-build-hook
<clever> matthewbauer: in the issue i mentioned, its worse, the CI config was publicly visible, including the github token
<dhess> I would be happy to sign my own packages, it doesn't need to be from the Nixpkgs project.
<gchristensen> does *every* path need to be signed?
<gchristensen> how does code signing work ...
<matthewbauer> gchristensen no just the executable needs to be signed
<gchristensen> there is another major problem here, which is how do you assert that a build _should_ be signed
<matthewbauer> dhess: yeah that's a little bit easier, but it's still something I'd like in the binary cache. `brew install gdb && gdb ./my-exe` *just works* but `nix run nixpkgs.gdb -c gdb ./my-exe` doesn't
<matthewbauer> gchristensen: we could just sign all binaries, but that may be overkill. otherwise some meta like `needsMacSignature` could work
<matthewbauer> dhess: also it's kind of bad to have to go through the "trust this key" process. Ideally we could get a signature for the Hydra builders accepted by Apple
<gchristensen> given a machine capable of signing builds allow every user to create signed builds?
<gchristensen> given a machine capable of signing builds, should Nix allow every user to create signed builds?
<dhess> matthewbauer: I would argue that only some binaries need to be signed, even.
<dhess> e.g., aws-vault, because it needs Keychain access.
<dhess> matthewbauer: oh yeah, like you said :)
<matthewbauer> gchristensen: yeah it should probably restrict it to private keys that the user has access to. I think some of the NixOps secrets implements this
<dhess> If you do it selectively and use the user's creds rather than Nixpkgs org-level creds, this could be done relatively straightforwardly in nix-darwin I think.
<dhess> system.codeSignPackages [ gdb aws-vault]
<dhess> something like that
<matthewbauer> dhess: if we wanted to, I think you could even have a whitelist of frameworks that need codesigning. if the binary links to that framework, automatically codesign it. need to look at trace_for_pid as well
<dhess> yeah great idea
<dhess> thanks for all the 10.12 work btw!
<matthewbauer> gchristensen: could hydra build secure boot ISOs by default? I think it hits a similar problem with exposing those keys to anyone with hydra access
<gchristensen> it definitely does have the same problem
<gchristensen> (though secure-boot signed bootloaders would not be useful unless we had the ~$1m (just guessing) to become trusted)
<matthewbauer> yeah but at least you get a nice message like this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/594747/how-to-use-the-linux-foundations-preloader
<gchristensen> oh cool
<gchristensen> well so maybe one route is using impure environment variables
<gchristensen> as a way to present the signing keys as a capability, held by the builder
<matthewbauer> without signatures I think it just aborts? It seems like a silly distinction when the only difference between "trusted" and "untrusted" is a key press away
<matthewbauer> ^ I'm not actually sure if that's true
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<gchristensen> LnL: did you say there was a problem with ssh-ng and max-silent-time?
<LnL> hmm, I did?
<gchristensen> I have a vague memory of it
<LnL> what is the problem specifically?
<gchristensen> I don't know
<gchristensen> I thought you had a problem with ssh-ng and max-silent-time not working
<LnL> don't remember, and I can't find anything in my history
<gchristensen> ah okay
<gchristensen> no worries :)
<LnL> not everything is passed to the other side so --option max-silent-time on the client might not work
<clever> there was also issues at one point with hydra not being able to forward that option to the build slaves
<{^_^}> hydra#591 (by cleverca22, 36 weeks ago, open): meta.timeout does not always work
<LnL> if anybody else is looking for a way to build a compile database https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/61553
<{^_^}> #61553 (by LnL7, 52 seconds ago, open): cc-wrapper: add hook
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