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<gchristensen> I have this mysterious problem with Rust + Darwin where if I run nix-build on a Rust package it works fine, but if I run `cargo test` from within a nix-shell, I get Undefined symbols for _CFURLResourceIsReachable.
<gchristensen> I have pkgs.darwin.cf-private in the buildInputs already. it seems ... strange. this bug was fixed in some cases with bumping nixpkgs, but still remains for some others.
<johnw> LnL: I'm installing Nix from scratch on a new Mac, should I do a multi-user install of Nix first, or a single-user install followed by the nix-darwin install?
<matthewbauer[m]> related to this maybe: https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-3178
<gchristensen> hmmm
<LnL> yeah, that's missing from swift so seems like it's still linking against the regular CF
<LnL> johnw: multi-user install should be fine if that's what you want to run, but I'm not sure the fork workaround has been released yet
<johnw> what is the fork workaround problem?
<johnw> i've been using multi-user on my Macs now for 1-2 years
<LnL> gchristensen: have you tried darwin.apple_sdk.frameworks.CoreFoundation?
<gchristensen> let's give it a go :)
<LnL> it's broken on 10.14 and I've still not been able to fully figure out what's going on without the env variable workaround
<johnw> ah, I'm still staying with 10.13
<johnw> I think I'm going to skip 10.14 altogether
<LnL> nothing to worry about then for now
<johnw> LnL: following your nix-darwin install steps, I get:
<johnw> error: unable to download 'https://github.com/LnL7/nix-darwin/archive/master.tar.gz': Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) (77)
<johnw> I wonder what this could be... not your problem I'm sure
<LnL> hmm, what's NIX_SSL_CERT_FILE?
<johnw> unset
<johnw> ah, I see
<johnw> my setup is still very much borked
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<johnw> nix-darwin is still the best thing since sliced bread
<gchristensen> +1
<LnL> euh, lol
<gchristensen> LnL: darwin.apple_sdk.frameworks.CoreFoundation has the same error :(
<gchristensen> what a bizarre thing.
<gchristensen> I'll have to do some work to sort out exactly what is my problem.
<LnL> hmm, lets make sure it _really_ is used first?
<LnL> preConfigure = '' export NIX_LDFLAGS="-F${CoreFoundation}/Library/Frameworks -framework CoreFoundation $NIX_LDFLAGS" '';
<gchristensen> sure
<gchristensen> (so the broken commit uses fsevent in a `cargo test` call)
<gchristensen> that might do it!
<gchristensen> woop!
<gchristensen> <3 LnL !
<LnL> we should really have a better mechanism for buildInput priorities
<gchristensen> +1
<gchristensen> ok, I verified it passed on one machine, now testing CI.
<johnw> warning: unable to download 'https://cache.nixos.org/nar/0pq4zzi3vn99cjsj97fxw3sfz1ik8jnzlagq46p5il7hw2imfzx0.nar.xz': HTTP error 503; retrying in 602 ms
<johnw> grr.. aborted the nix-darwin install, running again
<johnw> this happens very often nowadays
<gchristensen> :(
<gchristensen> I'll ping my issue again
<gchristensen> I miss being able to afford CloudFront
<LnL> I have not seen any problems personally, but lots of people seem to be hitting 503's
<johnw> if Nix used a slightly more patient retry, that would help too, since it always works after retrying
<johnw> like, try 5 times with 5 seconds between each attempt
<johnw> like it does in other places (with exponential backoff)
<gchristensen> hmm yeah
<gchristensen> maybe this would be a simple PR?
<LnL> I thought it already did
<disasm> LnL: would it make sense to add a nix-linuxkit module to nix-darwin to make it easier for people to get linux builders on osx?
<disasm> LnL: if so, someone on my team here at IOHK might be working on that in the near future :)
<LnL> yeah definitively, there have been some questions about that before in the context of docker
<LnL> I don't think that specifically is a great fit since the host sharing Docker.app provides is usually something people also want
<LnL> but putting gchristensen's work in a module would be amazing
<johnw> hmm.. I appear to have not making a note of how to solve "command not found: nix-daemon" when using ssh-ng to copy to another store
<LnL> only ~/.bashrc gets loaded, nothing in /etc
<johnw> ah, I see
<johnw> what should a minimal .bashrc look like?
<johnw> I'm in the horrible halfway place of having bits of an old Nix installation existing in my home directory, but no /nix directory
<johnw> I tried "source /etc/bashrc"
<johnw> `which nix-daemon` succeeds
<johnw> trying to export my nix store environment fails with "arguments list too long"
<johnw> sad thing is, I know I've solved this before...
<johnw> i see, ssh hermes, and then which nix-daemon works, but ssh hermes which nix-daemon does not. Just a startup file issue
<LnL> maybe it's .profile instead?
<johnw> nope
<LnL> I have symlinked /etc/bashrc before, so sourcing would be equivalent
<johnw> yeah, that's what I'm doing
<LnL> let me try to find my gist
<johnw> thank you
<johnw> I just tried ssh's PermitUserEnvironment, but still no go
<LnL> slightly outdated, ignore NIX_BUILD_HOOK/NIX_CURRENT_LOAD
<johnw> how would this help exactly?
<johnw> at this point, if I could just get "ssh hermes nix-daemon --version" to work, I should be fine
<johnw> /bin/zsh is presently my shell
<LnL> oh, the login shell isn't bash?
<johnw> no
<LnL> yeah then ~/.bashrc won't do much :)
<johnw> I've added: .zshrc, .zprofile, .zlogin, .zshenv
<johnw> all of them just sourcing /etc/zshrc
<LnL> hmm
<johnw> oh, something seems to have worked
<johnw> it's copying; I just nuked all of the above mentioned files again with simpler contents
<LnL> ssh foo -- zsh -o SOURCE_TRACE
<johnw> oohh
<johnw> brilliant!
<johnw> noted that one down
<LnL> I wonder, can you make chsh pass arguments to a shell?
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<imalsogreg> o/ I'm trying to use the nix darwin multiuser installer, on a machine that just got upgraded to Mojave. When the script tries to create nixbld1 user with `dscl . -create /Users/nixbld1 NFSHomeDirectory /var/empty`, `dscl` fails: `DS Error: eDSPermissionError`. (A) do you know if this is is something about macos not letting `sudo` run all root commands? (B) I'm surprised to see the NFS acronym, is the install trying to create my user
<imalsogreg> on an NFS volume?
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<LnL> imalsogreg: it's an issue with iTerm2, try running the installer in Terminal.app
<LnL> and that's just the way dscl works, the unprivileged build users shouldn't have a home dir so it's set to /var/empty
<LnL> eg. dscl . -read /Users/$USER NFSHomeDirectory
<johnw> imalsogreg!!!