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<LnL> does anybody here use compile_commands.json for a project somehow?
<LnL> or a language server
<gchristensen> ok so macos hates being booted with 56 cores
<gchristensen> or maybe it is the 350g of ram
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<gchristensen> seems to not like CPU cores which aren't a power of 2
<scribbler> hi all, hey, im needing dsymutil in my path (using nix-shell to setup a working dev env for a ruby project), i have binutils in my buildInputs, and add that to path. however (using find /nix) it looks like 'dsymutil' et. al. is in a package called 'ctools-port-895', but i can't seem to include that in the list of buildInputs (nor 'ctools', nor 'ctools-port'). I look at the .nix definition for binutils, which has dsymutil d
<scribbler> get those declared commands into the path. Any ideas?
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<LnL> yeah, we don't have dsymutil yet IIRC but somebody was working on that
<scribbler> LnL if i can reference the cctools package in my 'shell.nix' then that would solve my problem (I think). but apparently its undefined, which i don't get but anyhow
<scribbler> oh
<scribbler> just saw this comment
<scribbler> dsymutil: soon going away once it goes into LLVM (this one is fake anyway)
<LnL> that's what I was referring to, the impure implementation just points to Xcode I think
<scribbler> right.. so for the exercise, can i ask how i'd get those ctools bins in my path ?
<scribbler> I currently to this
<scribbler> ```
<scribbler> for p in $buildInputs; do
<scribbler> export PATH=$p/bin:$PATH
<scribbler> done
<scribbler> ```
<scribbler> but i'm stumped how to have ctools (or ctools-port as case might be) accepted as a variable in the buildInputs array
<scribbler> ?
<scribbler> for reference, my buildInputs array is something like:
<scribbler> ```
<scribbler> llvm
<scribbler> buildInputs = with pkgs; [
<scribbler> ...
<scribbler> clang
<scribbler> gcc
<scribbler> binutils
<scribbler> gnutar
<scribbler> gzip
<scribbler> gawk
<scribbler> gnused
<scribbler> oops hit enter early.. but you get the idea..
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