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<edcragg> home-manager disappeared on nixos-rebuild :c is this normal?
* edcragg guesses because it needs to be in configuration.nix, and must have installed it "manually" before
<edcragg> now i'm a bit confused about the channels-based installation method in the readme
<NobbZ[m]> What do you mean by "disappeared"?
<NobbZ[m]> HM, unless installed as a module, should be in your users profile, which is independent from the systems profile
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<edcragg> it seems to not be having any effect any more, and the home-manager tool isn't available any more
<NobbZ[m]> What is the output of `nix-env -q` as your user?
<edcragg> nothing
<NobbZ[m]> Weird. Never have experienced such a behaviour
<edcragg> hmm
<edcragg> i did have to use -I nixpkgs=... to a local checkout of nixpkgs to get something i need working which just broke on unstable, not sure if that would have any effect
<rycee> If you use Home Manager through the NixOS module then you won't have the `home-manager` tool.
<edcragg> so that needs to be in systemPackages i guess?
<rycee> No, it is only available for standalone installations.
<rycee> When used as a NixOS module then your configuration is activated through nixos-rebuild.
<edcragg> oh, i see
<edcragg> i did just try that method too, it looked like it did rebuild HM, but still had no effect
<rycee> Did it say anything in the systemd journal?
<rycee> `journalctl -b -u home-manager-$USER.service`
<edcragg> hmm, there is no home-manager-* service
<rycee> Then I suspect your configuration is not actually built by nixos-rebuild or that NixOS for some reason don't see your `home-manager.user…` configuration.
<edcragg> yeah, i do think i was missing `home-manager.users.my_username = { ... }`
<edcragg> that's supposed to have a path to the home.nix, right?
<rycee> You can have ` = import ./path/to/home.nix` yes.
<edcragg> ok, great
<edcragg> you say "can", is there another way?
<rycee> Well, you can simply inline the file into the system configuration if you want. That's sort of what import does anyway. But typically it is good to separate the system configuration and user configuration, I think.
<edcragg> oh, ok, got you
<edcragg> modularity is a good thing in general anwyay i think
<edcragg> thanks all, much appreciated
<rycee> Np :-)
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<evanjs> it's that time of year / I got the failure message again lol
<evanjs> Feels sort of pedantic to make a first-time PR to a repo with a one-character change (if that's the only statement that needs updating)
<evanjs> holy heck haha
<evanjs> thank you!
<rycee> evanjs: Thanks for the ping. I've updated it now.
<evanjs> Yeah, serious ninja edit. Thanks!
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<K0kada> rycee, hey, could I become a maintainer of HM (thiagokokada here)? I think after opening a few PRs I have a good grasp of how it works, and I could help review/merge a few PRs