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<CMistress> Hey all. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, nicolas[m] for yesterday. You really helped me, and I solved my problem in the end with neovim.
<nicolas[m]> CMistress np, glad you were able to solve your issue, what was the solution in the end?
<CMistress> I did have a different question though. I'm looking to slowly migrate my dotfiles (currently stored in git) to home-manager -- but I do have a need to have these files work across systems where it's not feasible to use home-manager (such as BSD). My question is this: some configs allow for things like extraConfig whereby I'm currently doing something like this: extraConfig = builtins.readFile ...; -- but this ends up
<CMistress> creating a symlink of the file which would have had the contents to the nix store. Is there a way I can keep my dotfiles in one directory, and still supply the contents of them to the relevant home-manager config parts? I was wondering if I should be using foo.source instead?
<CMistress> nicolas[m], I had aliased vim -> nvim and thus forgetting that nvim requires its files to be under .config/nvim
<nicolas[m]> Yup, `home.files.<name>.source` and `xdg.configFile.<name>.source`
<CMistress> So .source would reference the contents of the file without messing with it (i.e., symlinking it) -- I'm curious then builtins.readFile seemed to do that.
<CMistress> So do I pre-enumerate the home.files.XXX ones I want to source, outside of programs.XXX = { ... }; and things will Just Work (tm)?
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<alienpirate5> my zsh config just completely stopped working... what can i do to troubleshoot?
<alienpirate5> looks like ~/.config/zsh just doesn't exist anymore on my system
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<nerdypepper> hiya o/, anyone using neovim 0.5 with lua plugins? i am having trouble setting up nvim-lspconfig
<nerdypepper> neovim is unable to find lspconfig.lua despite setting rtp correctly
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<Efim-Wool> Hello!
<Efim-Wool>   16     I've tried to setup emacs service using home-manager and experiencing an issue.
<Efim-Wool>   15     I've added "  services.emacs.enable = true; "    in my home-manager *.nix file
<Efim-Wool>   14      and the service is being started, but when I try to launch client I get:
<Efim-Wool>   13     Error: Display 0.0 can't be opened
<Efim-Wool>   12
<Efim-Wool>   11     After researching found this on stackexchange, that helped to troubleshoot:
<Efim-Wool>   10
<Efim-Wool>    9     - emacsclient -nw :: connected to the server
<Efim-Wool>    8     - grep -az XAUTHORITY= /proc/$(pidof emacs)/environ :: returned empty string
<Efim-Wool>    7
<Efim-Wool>    6       After restarting emacs server with commands for first answer in the exchange discussion, new process had same Xauthority as in my
<Efim-Wool>    5       $XAUTHORITY var
<Efim-Wool>    4
<Efim-Wool>    3       and I was able to connect with visual frames
<Efim-Wool>    2
<Efim-Wool>    1     So, could you help me troubleshoot this further?
<Efim-Wool>   22     I don't really understand Xorg and xauthority, it looks like on system startup the emacs server gets launched not in the proper context?
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<Efim-Wool> Or could someone point me to a better place to get feedback?
<simpson> I don't know the particulars of your problem, but it's enough to know that DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY are environment variables which libX11/libxcb use in order to find and authenticate to Xorg.
<simpson> And the path of least resistance is usually to find a way to get those environment variables preserved and passed from your profile/login shell to your desktop.
<rycee> The HM xsession setup imports "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS", "DISPLAY", "SSH_AUTH_SOCK", "XAUTHORITY", "XDG_DATA_DIRS", "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR", and "XDG_SESSION_ID" into the systemd environment by default.
<rycee> Efim-Wool: So perhaps check if you have (at least) `systemctl --user import-environment DISPLAY XAUTHORITY` in your `~/.xprofile` file.
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<Efim-Wool> rycee : I definitely have this import, and .xprofile is managed by the home-manager
<Efim-Wool> What could be reason for emacs process not have XAUTHORITY
<Efim-Wool> in result of `- grep -az XAUTHORITY= /proc/$(pidof emacs)/environ :: returned empty string`
<Efim-Wool> if I check it for the process that's being started on system startup
<Efim-Wool> And for emacs process that's started after I do
<Efim-Wool> `emacsclient -t --eval '(progn (server-save-buffers-kill-terminal 1) (save-buffers-kill-emacs 1))' `
<Efim-Wool> to have working value of
<Efim-Wool> `XAUTHORITY=/run/user/1000/gdm/Xauthority` ?
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