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<siraben> How do I install Nix flakes declaratively?
<siraben> I added nixFlakes to my home.nix but still get nix (Nix) 2.3.10
<aterius> Did you open a new shell?
<aterius> And is this nixos?
<siraben> macOS
<siraben> mjlbach: yeah I opened a new shell
<siraben> On NixOS I edited configuration.nix
<siraben> though a home-manager based solution would work across both
<aterius> Hmm weird, so I use nix-darwin but I'm pretty sure it worked fine when I added nixUnstable to pkgs with a vanilla HM install
<aterius> is nix in ~/.nix-profile/bin/ ?
<siraben> yes
<siraben> relogging didn't seem to make a difference
<cole-h> Does it show the same for `nixUnstable`? And what about running it in a `nix-shell`?
<aterius> Yeah I think you might need to uninstall nix stable for nixUnstable to take precedence if they are both installed into your user nix profile
<aterius> For reference nix darwin places nix at /run/current-system/sw/bin/nix which is ahead on PATH
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<siraben> When I go into a nix shell unstable takes precedence
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<Ke> if hm activates my user profile somehow, do I need ever something other than nix-collect-garbage --delete-old to minimize my store?
<Ke> as root
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<Ke> how do .desktop files work on nixos
<Ke> hmm, they seem to be in current-system
<Ke> maybe my user-dirs is overriding some default
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<ryantrinkle> does anyone have a recommended config for haskell dev?
<ryantrinkle> (especially, one that includes emacs stuff)
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<teto> random trial: is it possible to configure firefox search engines via homemanager/nixos ?
<__monty__> I haven't found it to be. Maybe if the search engine's provided through a plugin.
<teto> seems like it can be configured via policies: so possible via the nixos firefox wrapper rather than hm
<Ke> teto: you can configure bookmarks that can have keywords and search terms
<Ke> well not via home-manager quite, but you can import bookmarks by prefs
<Ke> which home-manager can do
<Ke> I never understood, what's the use case for search engines
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<Ke> or alternatively keyworded bookmarks
<__monty__> Some people don't like google's echo chamber effect.
<__monty__> I use lots of keyword bookmarks. Some are just to have a nice shorthand for certain sites. Others are things like searching hackage, because search engines are slower and return less relevant results for haskell packages.
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<rycee> ryantrinkle: My Emacs config contains a, relatively basic, Haskell setup: (search for "haskell")
<rycee> ryantrinkle: I use lsp-haskell with haskell-language-server (which I install per project).
<rycee> I don't work on any large Haskell project though so I don't know how well this setup scales.
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