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<abathur> repeat from #nixos: anyone comfortable with hm + vim packaging around? an m1 mac user on discourse ( is trying to figure out how to use the hm-generated vimrc with their system /usr/bin/vim (as a temporary workaround)
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<Ke> I have a bookmark generator for home-manager, wonder if it should be added
<Ke> well currently it's written in jq, but I'll port it to hm
<Ke> can someone explain the rationale, why I want to have firefox package defined in home-manager
<Ke> I want config files in my home dir, not executables made available?
<Ke> or that's what I think I want
<piegames> Ke: I am fan of the policy "whatever can be configured on a user-level should be configured on a user level". Thus, all my applications are managed through home-manager.
<piegames> On another note, I think it has to do with plugins/extensions.
<Ke> maybe, but why bundle that with configuration
<Ke> I guess it's possible there is no harm in having just extra references to packages
<Ke> I guess people using home-manager outside of nixos might suffer, if they want to use distro packages
<piegames> Ke: I don't think I understand your point
<aterius> abathur: they should just write out their .vimrc to home with HM
<aterius> Or they also want the plugins?
<Ke> but true, does not seem to matter for some modules like feh
<Ke> I guess firefox creates wrapper that sets some module paths
<Ke> piegames: maybe I just don't understand, what I am seeing
<Ke> maybe I should look at the output at some point
<abathur> aterius: I linked the post because I use neither HM nor vim and don't have much context to reason from; I assume they are using a Nix-based configuration from which HM builds the vimrc and places it in the store and not a string
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