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<zeta> what is the terminal command to see the home-manager path where home.nix is located?
<zeta> when i reboot home-manager is not being loaded
<rycee> zeta: It will use ~/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix unless you've overridden it using, e.g., the `-f` option.
<zeta> rycee: ok, i messed it up when i tried to change the path, i'll change everything back to that path and then try again
<zeta> oh, and does it matter if i install home-manager globally env.syspkgs or in users.users.packages, if i understand correctly it will only install home-manager for my user only?
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<rycee> I'm not certain what you mean by installing it in those ways but I guess it doesn't matter. Which ever way works best for you :-)
<hexa-> rycee: this is my approach that causes said error https://gist.github.com/mweinelt/74ae3c5f34082ef5b65d9c0c591f10af