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<philipp[m]> In the readme.md it is mentioned that you should set `xsession.windowManager.command = "…";` to get home-manager to manage your xsession. Can anybody explain to me, why that works in this context, or is that just meant as an example to fill sth else in?
<rycee> philipp: The `…` is intended to be replaced by the command you run to start your window manager. If you use one of the window manager modules then you don't need to set this option.
<philipp[m]> Ah, got it. Confused me a little because I thought it might some freedesktop spec or sth.
<rycee> I'm actually not certain that still is necessary for HM to manage the X session for the graphical services to work.
<rycee> It might work even if `xsession.enable = false` (the default)
<philipp[m]> I actually quite like the idea to have nixos give me a bare system and put all my user settings into home-manager, so I think I'll let home-manager manage my wm anyway.
<philipp[m]> And since you are here: Thanks for writing home-manager. It really seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle that I was thinking about for a while now.
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<rycee> philipp: Thanks! Glad you like it 😃
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<inquisitiv3> I want to extend Emacs with packages managed with Home Manager. Where do I find the available packages and the names I should specify in my `home.nix` file?
<inquisitiv3> I tried reading the source code in `modules/programs/emacs.nix`, but wasn't able to interpret the code. From what I can see the packages isn't available via Nixpkgs?
<philipp[m]> inquisitiv3: You can use the packages from nixpkgs. https://nixos.org/nixos/manual/index.html#module-services-emacs-adding-packages
<inquisitiv3> philipp[m]: Thanks! So if I understand you correctly it's only packages that's part of Nixpkgs that I can install with the option `programs.emacs.extraPackages`?
<philipp[m]> inquisitiv3: Yeah, but they get scrapped from melpa, so the list shoulb be pretty much complete. If something is missing, you can either create them yourself locally or you PR them into nixpkgs.
<philipp[m]> `nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -qaP -A emacsPackagesNg.melpaPackages | wc -l
<philipp[m]> 4119` <- probably anything you need :-D
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<inquisitiv3> Aah, thanks! I tried the web search, and didn't find much.
<inquisitiv3> E.g. couldn't find org-mode.
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<philipp[m]> Isn't org-mode builtin?
<rycee> inquisitiv3: You can create simple emacs packages to include in extraPackages using the `trivialBuild` function. I use this in my configuration, for example: https://gitlab.com/rycee/configurations/blob/9063702bfb82a3a7c841b26d77de58c4434f836f/user/emacs.nix#L1178-1187
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<srk> o/
<inquisitiv3> philipp[m]: If something hasn't changed last I checked (which was several years ago) the included version of Org-mode is/was horrible out of date.
<philipp[m]> The word you are looking for is stable ^_~
<philipp[m]> (just kidding)
<rycee> srk: Howdy :-)
<srk> rycee: happy convert
<srk> :)
<srk> looking for some examples of mail setups now
<rycee> srk: Nice, good luck! Feel free to ask if you have questions.
<srk> hah xsession.windowManager.command = "emacs"; :D
<srk> not me :D
<philipp[m]> What else should you want? Emacs is the ideal operating system. It even has my favourite editor: vim.
<inquisitiv3> We're going off-topic here I think, but my problem with Evil is that the whole Emacs ecosystem assume the regular default keys.
<philipp[m]> Agreed, it is a bit of a pain.
<infinisil> Yeah same..
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<sondr3> I have ran into some issues with Github and Emacs lately, it seems I get rate limited by them whenever I try to update my system
<sondr3> anyone else experience anything like it?
<sondr3> I get `curl: (7) Failed to connect to codeload.github.com port 443: Connection refused`
<rycee> sondr3: Hmm, no I can't recall seeing that before.
<sondr3> yeah, it only happens when I update my channels, rolling back and it works fine
<rycee> If it with the Home Manager channel you could try using https://gitlab.com/rycee/home-manager/-/archive/master/home-manager-master.tar.gz instead :-)
<sondr3> I have home-manager as a NixOS module, so I doubt that's the problem
<sondr3> and it's only my Emacs configuration that is the problem, if I comment out where I import it everything is fine
<rycee> Yeah, seems a bit unlikely but if you get desperate you can try that URL :-)
<sondr3> I'm mostly curious about what the cause of it is, its worked fine before :(
<inquisitiv3> rycee: Thanks for the tip before regarding trivialBuild! Do you only use that, or are you using a mix of different techniques to download Emacs packages?
<sondr3> huh, using the VPN through my university makes it works
<sondr3> in that case I think the area I live in might get rate limited lol
<inquisitiv3> philipp[m]: Is there a way to list the alternatives to `melpaPackages`? Want to find out where the package `org` is located. It isn't listed when I run the command you posted, but appears when I remove "melpaPackages" from the command.
<philipp[m]> Then it's directly in `emacsPackagesNg` should be `pkgs.emacsPackagesNg.org` then.
<philipp[m]> `pkgs.emacsPackagesNgGen` of course.
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<inquisitiv3> Hmm, if I leave out ".melpaPackages" all packages seems to be listed, but without ".melpaPackages" in their name.
<inquisitiv3> E.g. `nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -qaP -A emacsPackagesNg.melpaPackages` list the package `emacsPackagesNg.melpaPackages.a`, but if I run `nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -qaP -A emacsPackagesNg` the same package is listed with the attribute name `emacsPackagesNg.a`.
<inquisitiv3> There is probably a simple explaination, but I can't come up with it.
<rycee> inquisitiv3: I use trivialBuild only for the sv-kalender package since it's not in melpa, where all the other packages come from (except auctex).
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<rycee> inquisitiv3: About the emacs packages, the ones at the emacsPackagesNg level are taken from the elpa, melpa-stable, melpa, and org repositories in that order.
<rycee> So a package present in elpa and melpa will lead to the version in melpa appearing at the top-level.
<rycee> If you explicitly want to use the elpa version then install epkgs.elpaPackages.xyz.
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