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<hexa-> how can I use zsh-powerlevel9k theme with home-manager?
<hexa-> i tried zsh.oh-my-zsh.theme, but that only sets ZSH_THEME, but I would need to source the theme first, since it's not in oh-my-zshs default package
<hexa-> the package for zsh-powerlevel9k recommends something like this `programs.zsh.promptInit = "source ${pkgs.zsh-powerlevel9k}/share/zsh-powerlevel9k/powerlevel9k.zsh-theme";`
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<zeta> how do i install haskell in home.nix ? if someone could pastbin their haskell home.nix configuration it would be nice, thanks
<infinisil> zeta: To be pedantic, Haskell is just a programming language, you can't actually install that. What you want is GHC, which is a Haskell *compiler*, which you can install
<infinisil> zeta: To install GHC you can just use pkgs.ghc
<zeta> infinisil: ok, I wanted to install cabal, ghc, and the other haskell packages declaratively like I did with emacs: https://hastebin.com/bozazigowo.bash
<infinisil> zeta: For a specific project?
<zeta> infinisil: well, i've done some haskell programming in debian, i am just trying to do everything the nix way (i am still a little new to nix so there is still a lot i don't know)
<infinisil> zeta: Yeah, the Nix way to use GHC for specific projects is to use a nix-shell instead, which will be specific to the project and always get you the same version for it
<zeta> infinisil: by: the nix way in nixos, i mean declaratively in home.nix
<infinisil> Yeah, so I recommend using a nix-shell instead, this section has an example: https://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#how-to-create-ad-hoc-environments-for-nix-shell
<infinisil> But if you really want to install GHC with packages globally you can do that by adding `pkgs.haskellPackages.ghcWithPackages (p: [ p.aeson ... ])` to environment.systemPackages in NixOS or home.packages in home-manager
<infinisil> Add `pkgs.cabal-install` for cabal
<zeta> infinisil: so i just need to install `ghc` and `cabal-install` in `home.nix` and use `nix-shell` to do the rest ?
<infinisil> zeta: I recommend using nix-shell's if you need ghc for specific projects
<rycee> Yeah, I agree that it's best to have a default.nix in the project instead of having things installed globally. That said, I have this https://gist.github.com/rycee/52d13cc86b21ce7b2c2e8b1c66e6d69e in my configuration so that I quickly can start ghci anywhere to do some quick tests.
<zeta> thanks guys, i was looking for a configuration like rycee's
<zeta> infinisil: what does this mean: `(p: [ p.aeson ...]` ?
<zeta> infinisil: thanks, I am going to install haskell declaratively in home.nix the way rycee showed, if i have any problems down the road i will give the nix-shell method a try, (i have never used-nix shell before)
<zeta> typo: nix-shell
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<zeta> lets see if it works
<zeta> :)
<zeta> could you guys pastebin a link that shows the syntax on how to configure: `nginx`, `postgresql`, `gitlab` in `home.nix`, thanks
<rycee> None of these have modules in Home Manager. You can configure them in NixOS.
<zeta> rycee: ok, the nixos manual should work then, thanks
<zeta> can this be installed and configured in home.nix ? https://github.com/haskell/haskell-ide-engine
<rycee> There are some options for that in the vscode module: https://rycee.gitlab.io/home-manager/options.html#opt-programs.vscode.haskell.enable
<zeta> in home.nix ?
<rycee> Yes, that link shows the options available in Home Manager. You can use those in home.nix.
<zeta> i'm using emacs, is there instructions on how to set up haskell-ide-engine in home.nix for emacs ?
<rycee> zeta: Not that I know of. I made a half hearted attempt a long time ago but never got it to work very well. I'll revisit it when I get the spare time.
<rycee> I mostly use lsp-java nowadays.
<zeta> rycee: :( so i have to use `nix-env` instead ?
<rycee> I'm sure you can set up hie through home.nix, you'll have to do some Nix hacking, though.
<rycee> But I guess the simplest way is to use hie-nix and follow the instructions there.
<zeta> rycee: yeah i guess i could do it as an open source project, i'm going to need your help though, you are the one that created home-manager, right ?
<rycee> I don't have time to provide open-ended help but I'd be happy to try to answer specific questions. I don't really know much about hie, though.
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<zeta> rycee: ok, i'll think about it, i'll let you if i decide to do it
<zeta> what are all the packages that come installed with this ? haskellPackages.ghcWithPackages
<rycee> I guess base + any extra you specify.
<zeta> by base do you mean just `ghc`, then the extras you state in: `hpkgs` ?
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<rycee> Yeah, by base I mean https://hackage.haskell.org/package/base, which I guess is bundled with ghc.
<zeta> ok, thanks
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<zeta> install haskell like this ? https://hastebin.com/hetufidodo.bash
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