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<qyliss> Hmm, small issue
<qyliss> cloud-hypervisor uses non-blocking eventfds everywhere, and crosvm uses blocking ones
<qyliss> which is going to be a problem if I pass eventfds from crosvm code into cloud-hypervisor code
<qyliss> It's also not possible to specify on each operation whether it should block or not, because eventfd doesn't implement send(2) and recv(2) (and therefore MSG_DONTWAIT)
<qyliss> The obvious option here is to try to rewrite the cloud hypervisor code to block, but I don't like the idea of that as a prerequisite to getting it to work at all
<qyliss> So I might instead attempt to just implement send() and recv() for eventfd in the kernel, which feels like it shouldn't be a very big job at all, and would be generally useful and probably likely to be accepted upstream.
<qyliss> But I will have a bit of a think first before I embark on a kernel development adventure, even if it should be a short one.
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<qyliss> Aww, looks like implementing that would be harder than I thought because socket operations are seperate to normal file operations
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<cole-h> Nice, reading!
<cole-h> multi-memfd memory backing seems interesting -- interested to see how that pans out.
<qyliss> It's not all that complicated in principle
<qyliss> I think the hard part is working out how big they need to be
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