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<henri> danielrf[m]: I've rebased my docs branch onto your docs branch and added mdbook support for the docs.
<henri> danielrf[m]: I didn't replace my docs branch, though, but pushed it onto the mdbook branch:
<henri> danielrf[m]: Here you can find a preview of the rendered book:
<danielrf[m]> henri: this is great. I guess you saw my initial attempt in the docs branch and decided to do it properly :)
<danielrf[m]> Having some autogenerated docs for the robotnix options will also force me to finally document those well
<henri> danielrf[m]: Should I update the current docs PR with that or do you want to develop that separately?
<danielrf[m]> I'll collect all these commits into my own PR soon
<danielrf[m]> In the meantime I'd recommend keeping them separate
<henri> Okay, my mdbook branch is fast-forward from your docs branch, so you can merge without a merge commit.
<danielrf[m]> perfect
<danielrf[m]> Should now be available here too:
<ajs124> neat
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