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<nixoswikibot> [[Get In Touch]] * Mic92 * (+71) change hackint irc channel
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<fadenb> Mic92 (IRC): I have not yet looked into this drama. Personally I have been using matrix for years to access matrix itself and irc
<fadenb> So no objection from my side just some hesitation as IRC is still the gold standard of chat and proven to just work
<fadenb> Primary concern is accessibility which is less developed in the matrix ecosystem
<fadenb> IRC forces everyone to the text only layer which simplifies things like screen readers etc a lot
<lassulus> well I would prefer irc, since I haven't found a satisfying matrix setup yet for me and I like to keep watch for spammers :D
<fadenb> Yeah, I currently use element web and often wish back to Irssi (or even mIrc ;) )
<fadenb> Matrix has many cool features one should not ignore
<fadenb> E.g., rich preview of websites is awesome since GitHub is generating dynamic preview pictures of profiles etc
<Mic92> lassulus: I have not used weechat-matrix yet, any downsides to it?
<fadenb> Yes, it uses weechat ;)
<Mic92> well lassulus is a weechat anyway.
<fadenb> Kidding aside: weechat-matrix was horrible slow last time I tried
<Mic92> *weechat user
<fadenb> But that was over a year ago
<lassulus> well people used it and said it sucks, but I haven't tried it myself yet
<lassulus> will try it though and report back
<Mic92> lassulus: well now that #nixos users migrate in big groups I could imagine it get fixed or its rust re-write...
<fadenb> I have to leave for my workout not followed by a long conference day (RIPE82) but would like to discuss pros and cons more later
<Mic92> These days I see so many nixos in different open source projects
<Mic92> *nixos users
<fadenb> Autocorrect, not=now
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<fadenb> Sneakily used 10 minutes between meetings to create / /
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<Mic92> Ok. Now we would only need matrix loggers there.
<Mic92> does this exists for mediawiki?
<phant0m> would you like that to have an alias as ?
<Mic92> I guess it makes sense for discoverbility?
<nixoswikibot> [[Special:Log/newusers]] create  * Kuetemeier * New user account
<nixoswikibot> [[Virt-manager]] !M * Kuetemeier * (+0) Fix a typo / parameter name
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<fadenb> I don't think there is anything like that. What did stop us from using the RSS feed last time? I can't remember
<Mic92> there seem to be plently rss bots around
<Mic92> phant0m: can you ask for the alias?
<phant0m> /whois phant0m
<Mic92> I mean for matrix
<phant0m> ah I can't join because my matrix account isn't registered
<phant0m> that'll be a tomorrow thing
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<Mic92> Ok. The new matrix channel works for me. See you later alligator.
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<nixoswikibot> [[Sandbox]] M * Fadenb * (-37) Verifying whether the wiki still works....
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<tv> I would subscribe a wikirssfeed :)
<tv> ah, there's an atom feed already
<nixoswikibot> [[Telegram]] !N * Alexnortung * (+346) Created page with "Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security. == Installation == The telegram desktop client can be installed with the <code>tdesktop<..."
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<makefu> where is the wiki channel on the new matrix server?
<makefu> any reason not just use the namespace?
<fadenb> Yes, being independent from that infrastructure. But Matrix is fully capable of having multiple names for the same room
<makefu> okay, fair enough!
<fadenb> For redundancy I also added
<makefu> maybe we should update this channels topic
<fadenb> Process is easy, someone joins channel from some server, adds local alias, is made admin in the room, toggles ‚show in channel list‘
<makefu> actually i meant the freenode channel (here)
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<makefu> yep, great!
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<nixoswikibot> [[Bitwarden]] !N * Alexnortung * (+498) described installation.
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