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<nixoswikibot> [[Special:Log/newusers]] create  * Jluttine * New user account
<nixoswikibot> [[Cheatsheet]] ! * Jluttine * (+144) Add nix search as an option in finding packages
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<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS on ARM]] ! * Thefloweringash * (-15) Replace external binfmt module with NixOS bintfmt module
<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS on ARM]] !M * Thefloweringash * (+11) Fix formatting
<nixoswikibot> [[Perl]] ! * Raboof * (+445) document caveats running a perl script
<nixoswikibot> [[Bluetooth]] ! * Mdedetrich * (+569) Add information on how to automatically switch to bluetooth audio headset on connect
<nixoswikibot> [[Bluetooth]] !M * Mdedetrich * (-2) Minor syntax issues
<nixoswikibot> [[Bluetooth]] !M * Mdedetrich * (+9) Grammer
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