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<hexa-> so, is there anything we should do about the most recent spectre exploits?
<hexa-> it says they're using /proc/kallsyms
<Foxboron> hexa-: The thing is that there shouldn't by anything you need to do. Spectre should be mitigated with recent gcc/kernel mitigtations. kallsyms is only used to bypass KASLR
<Foxboron> So it's only a problem on older servers
<Foxboron> recent as in 2019 :p
<hexa-> brrr
<Foxboron> thats my understanding of the exploit at least :)
<hexa-> yeah, should unprivileged users be able to read out kallsyms?
<Foxboron> It's only special since it's the first time it's been spotted in the wild. Not because it's been broken again
<hexa-> yep
<Foxboron> vidal72[m] : Foxboron: there is kptr_restrict sysctl that obscures /proc/kallsyms output for unpriv users
<Foxboron> anthraxx : or to be more specific, linux-hardened patches the default and doesn't use a sysctl conf file
<Foxboron> anthraxx : vidal72[m]: Foxboron: whose default unfortunatly can't be changed as long as you have CONFIG_KALLSYMS except via sysctl, which linux-hardened btw does by default
<Foxboron> so hardened patches it to reverse the flag (like with other stuff). I'm not quite sure what the best approach there is
<hexa-> and what other impact it has
<Foxboron> No clue :)
<hexa-> thanks for looking into this
<Foxboron> nps!
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<bennofs> why don't we have PIE by default?
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<ajs124> bennofs: idk, but there's #104091 which is still a draft
<{^_^}> (by TredwellGit, 14 weeks ago, open): treewide: enable security hardening flags
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<hexa-> (CVE-2020-10713, CVE-2020-14308, CVE-2020-14309, CVE-2020-14310, CVE-2020-14311, CVE-2020-15705, CVE-2020-15706, CVE-2020-15707) - sys-devel/grub: Multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-{10713,14308,14309,14310,14311,15705,15706,15707})
<Foxboron> hexa-: that's the boothole ones fwiw
<hexa-> yep
<Foxboron> (probably)
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