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<pie__> random question: does using software FDE mean that if you have a malicious hdd enclosure it cant see data going over the wire?
<ekleog> assuming the malicious hdd isn't doing pci shenanigans, yes
<ekleog> (without this assumption, I don't know and it'll likely depend on whether you have an IOMMU and your specific computer architecture)
<pie__> * i asked in another channel as well,
<pie__> "yes, but a malicious HDD enclosure could mount all sorts of active attacks that FDE isn't really designed to defend against. e.g. it's only with luks2 that you can have authenticated encryption now"
<pie__> i totally failed to think of active attacks
<pie__> ok and also the whol problem with plugging malicious devices into your machine at all
<pie__> sniffing ram over buggy sata implementations or whatever
<pie__> if youre booting off it, attacking the boot loader
<ekleog> you can't be booting off it if it's FDE
<ekleog> unless your UEFI supports decrypting the bootloader, but that's something I've yet to see
<pie__> grub + luks?
<pie__> or rather, theres an implicit unencrypted bootloader part ther
<ekleog> exactly, and it's the unencrypted part that will get attacked
<ekleog> (unless you're doing non-AE encryption, but non-AE encryption is bad in almost all cases -- and that almost is here only because I know of exactly 1 case that would not need it )
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