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<pie_> I had an idea, I'm not sure it's good, and I'm not sure how to implement it... : I want to add colored borders to my ssh terminals similar to how qubes adds borders around it's VMs
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<pietranera> https://seclists.org/oss-sec/2019/q1/119 - CVE-2019-5736: runc container breakout (all versions)
<gchristensen> neat.
<gchristensen> I suspect we're not vulnerable
<Foxboron> gchristensen: I'm curious. How?
<gchristensen> "overwrite the host runc binary"
<gchristensen> nobody can overwrite nix store paths
<gchristensen> [root@Morbo:/home/grahamc]# echo "hi" > /nix/store/ij6wirzff9id7jr071p04w4nk6hksc3y-bash-interactive-4.4-p23/bin/bash
<Foxboron> I could maybe forward the POC if you want to be sure
<gchristensen> bash: /nix/store/ij6wirzff9id7jr071p04w4nk6hksc3y-bash-interactive-4.4-p23/bin/bash: Read-only file system
<gchristensen> sure
<gchristensen> I'll try it out :)
<Foxboron> gchristensen: gpg keyid?
<gchristensen> available here: https://nixos.org/nixos/security.html http://twitter.com/grhmc and over WKD at graham@grahamc.com
<Foxboron> thanks
* gchristensen excitedly awaits
<gchristensen> Foxboron: do you mind discussing some of this in a PM? obviously eliding specifics about what you sent me
<Foxboron> Um. Can try.
<pie_> "Several vendors have asked for exploit code to ensure that the patches actually solve the issue. Due to the severity of the issue (especially for public cloud vendors), we decided to provide the attached exploit code."
<pie_> It doesnt *look* like its actually attached to the email, not sure how that works
<pietranera> yeah, I noticed that too.
<gchristensen> they likely sent the email elsewhere without the attached exploit
<pie_> thats my guess
<pietranera> > As per OpenWall rules, this exploit code will be published *publicly* 7 days after the CRD (which is 2019-02-18).
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):218:22
<pietranera> sorry bot
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<Foxboron> pie_: No. It's not attached. It's the unedited embargo email. So the paragraph is there
<gchristensen> pretty sure NixOS is not vulnerable
<gchristensen> I can't conclusively say it is _not_, but I'm pretty sure it is not
<pietranera> The disclosure talks about "correct use of user namespaces", so I guess one could try to mitigate anyway?
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