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<arianvp> andi-: idea; generate coverage reports automatically using that tool lennart made :p
<andi-> arianvp: yeah, I have been thinking about how to generate "all" the units..
<arianvp> andi-: Ive actually converted quite some units to this style but haven't upsrreamed them yet
<andi-> arianvp: shame! :P
<arianvp> For example, hashicorp suggests using all these hardening features for all their tooling in their docs
<arianvp> Well i updated the systemd module to have them on by default
<arianvp> I'm not sure if we want to upstream them
<arianvp> And then when I enable a new service in NixOS, I remove unit options on the specific module until the service works
<arianvp> This forces me to think about it for every module I enable :p
<arianvp> It being opt out instead of opt in
<arianvp> andi-: what do you mean by "generate all the units"
<arianvp> ?
<adisbladis> arianvp: I guess andi- means to instantiate all units provided by nixpkgs to analyze
<arianvp> ah yeh. I see
<arianvp> modules = map (x: /* services.<x>.enable = true */) (import ./all-modules.nix)
<arianvp> should do the trick
<arianvp> and then (lib.evalModules modules).config.systemd.services
<arianvp> or (lib.evalModules modules).etc or whatever which should build the derivation for /etc
<arianvp> https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/22 would make this a bit less difficult
<{^_^}> rfcs#22 (by edolstra, 43 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0022] Minimal module list
<arianvp> andi-: one problem I face when updating NixOS modules to be more sandboxed is that if you enable DynamicUser=True
<arianvp> that the runtime directory is /var/lib/private/blah instead of /var/lib/<service-name>
<arianvp> and there is no good story on how to migrate existing services that don't run under a DynamicUser to a one that do
<arianvp> The nice thing about DynamicUser being that we don't need to pre-allocate uids and gids for security-critical stuff
<arianvp> but how do you migrate a specific-uid owned state directory to the DynamicUser model gracefully? Do we want to support migration of this kind of stuff?
<arianvp> or do we just depend on `stateVersion` and keep the old behaviour as well? and when `stateVersion = 19.03` we use DynamicUser?
<arianvp> I guess stateVersion _is_ the standard way to handle this right
<andi-> Isn't it counter productive to store state with random uids?
<andi-> I think we might just allocate a uid for them and be done?
<ekleog> andi-: the uid list is getting filled too quickly for my taste
<arianvp> the whole point of DynamicUser is that you can store state _and_ have random allocated uids
<ekleog> like, the rss2email module has been pending for only ~2-3 weeks and I've already had to rebase it twice to bump it from like uid=308 to 312 or something like that
<arianvp> When DynamicUser is enabled, the behaviour of StateDirectory changes such that systemd does the right thing
<arianvp> when the service isn't running, the state directory is owned by `nobody`
<andi-> Does it assign the same uid on next boot? Does it uid-map the state?
<arianvp> and when it is running, it's bind-mounted with the right uid through user namespaces
<ekleog> (and yeah it can't be DynamicUser because rss2email looks for its own username, or something like that -- anyway it traceback'd when run as DynamicUser)
<arianvp> andi-: no it uses user namespaces to accomplish this
<andi-> OK, so maybe we need another flag for the state dir?
<andi-> Would probably be accepted upstream if it us indeed the right meaning of the feature
<arianvp> yeh it's exactly developed for the problem of "we need to preallocate uids"
<arianvp> afaik
<andi-> I mean the storage part :)
<andi-> Cab try to have a look in the evening if some time frees up
<arianvp> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHjuT8NI2aI gives a nice summary
<arianvp> at 19:35
<arianvp> nope wait wrong talk
<arianvp> `man systemd.exec` and then the `DynamicUser=` section and the `StateDirectory=` section
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<andi-> Oh
<andi-> So fixed? :)
<arianvp> yeh systemd will create the statedir
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<andi-> Does it create a structure there that different from running without those two parameters? How does a migration look like.
<andi-> ?
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<arianvp> andi-: Yes instead of running in /var/lib/<state-directory-name> it creates a directory in /var/lib/private/<state-directory-name>
<arianvp> and then /var/lib/private/blah is mounted as /var/lib/blah in the service
<arianvp> and user-namespace mapping is done such that blah is owned by the dynamically allocated uid
<arianvp> this means, for migration, we need to copy /var/lib/blah to /var/lib/private/blah
<arianvp> and make it owned by the nobody group and user iirc
<arianvp> instead of by the pre-allocated uid and gid that we had before
<andi-> I thought that iwas what StateDirectory= could fix? E..g whenever we start adding DyanmicUser=true we also put a StateDirectory=/var/lib/<service-name> ?
<arianvp> no
<arianvp> StateDirectory=servicename
<arianvp> StateDirectory doesn't take an absolute path, but a relative path
<andi-> ahh, well then that would still need a nice patch to fixup that..
<arianvp> and it either will create a directory in /var/lib/private or /var/lib based on whether DynamicUser is true or false
<andi-> StateDirectoryRoot=/var/lib ? :D
<arianvp> nooo it _has_ to do this
<arianvp> because otherwise you're vulnerable to uid reuse
<arianvp> the whole idea is that state is not owned by any UID, and only mapped to the right UID when the service is started up, using a bind-mount
<ekleog> arianvp: there are tricks about the owning user & group: I still have a directory with uid/gid 61580 from my tests, in /var/lib/private
<andi-> yes but the directory should survive between two reboots shouldn't it?
<arianvp> no
<andi-> I don't see how that extra dir would preven tsuch issues
<andi-> ahh
<arianvp> /var/lib/service-name does _not exist_ on disk
<arianvp> it's only a bind-mount when the service is started up
<arianvp> and /var/lib/private/service-name is persisted
<arianvp> and is not associated to any UID
<ekleog> (said tests being to run systemd-spawn or something similar to check whether it actually wasn't vulnerable to uid reuse, because what's claimed in the manpage isn't sufficient to ensure security -- but it looks like something does prevent it anyway)
<ekleog> also, it's not a bind-mount but a `ln -s`
<arianvp> ah yeh, symlink then
<ekleog> (or at least there's a `ln -s` outside of the thing, maybe there's a bind-mount over it in a mountns, idk :p)
<ekleog> but yeah, andi- , the description thy give in the manpage really makes no sense, esp. when considering it *leaves* the symlink (iirc without reowning it to root) when the service goes down…
<ekleog> but somehow it appears to not have collided even once when running systemd-run in a loop for a night, so…
<arianvp> I do rememnber Lennart saying 2 years ago that it's still a bit finnicky
<arianvp> oh it keeps the owner or <random-uid> around after stop?
<ekleog> yeah
<arianvp> that sounds... like a bug
<ekleog> that's why I was thinking it was a security issue
<ekleog> but I can't get it to reallocate, and after a reboot it appears to reset to root, so it may be storing the association in ram
<arianvp> It does say in the manpage that the system only works under the assumption that nothing else allocates in the uid pool it reserves
<arianvp> so maybe it just makes sure when there is already a uid it picks uid+1 ?
<arianvp> maybe it's still a bit too early to start converting all our units to DynamicUser ...
<arianvp> no other distro is doing it so far.
<arianvp> but the question is: are they doing it because they don't trust it yet; or because it's a PITA to migrate?
<ekleog> reproducer: sudo systemd-run --pty --property=StateDirectory=hello --property=DynamicUser=yes sh
<ekleog> ctrl-d and look in /var/lib/{hello,private/hello}
<arianvp> yeh so /var/lib/private/hello is owned by 61917 after exit indeed
<arianvp> I see
<ekleog> my testbed was while systemd-run --pty --property=DynamicUser=yes cat /var/lib/ekl-test/test |& grep 'Permission denied' > /dev/null; do echo -n '.'; done
<arianvp> but shouldn't each systemd-run allocate a new uid?
<ekleog> a night and it appears to not have stopped
<arianvp> now it keeps recycling the old one indeed.
<ekleog> but it somehow stopped working
<ekleog> so yeah, I think there's a trick like it's scanning /var/lib/private for used UIDs and never reusing the UIDs without rebooting
<arianvp> but... for me it's actually reusing the UID
<ekleog> (the /var/lib/ekl-test/test had been created with a --property=DynamicUser=yes --property=StateDirectory=ekl-test)
<ekleog> when you still pass the StateDirectory, or not?
<arianvp> when I still pass StateDirectory
<arianvp> oooh that makes sense of course
<arianvp> :P
<ekleog> heh ^^
<ekleog> now I wonder how it would turn out if you *change* the set of StateDirectory / LogDirectory / the like with overlaps
<arianvp> Yeh if both a.service and b.service use StateDirectory=foo
<arianvp> Lets try :P just add --unit=a.service to systemd-run
<ekleog> but it isn't relevant to nixpkgs' security nor likely most systems' security and is less trivial to test than a bash loop so I didn't (a)
<arianvp> so yeh that does raise the question
<arianvp> if we want to migrate an existing nixos servide to this modle
<arianvp> Do we just sudo mv /var/lib/blah to /var/lib/private/blah
<arianvp> and that's it?
<arianvp> or do we need to set uids and gids to something in the 60000 range
<ekleog> don't need to do anything http://ekleog.xelpaste.net/ZoyAAe/raw
<ekleog> *but* it still requires a bump in stateEpoch, as it'll migrate data in a non-reversible way
<arianvp> wooow cool
<arianvp> what is difference between stateEpoch and stateVersion ?
<ekleog> stateEpoch is samueldr's proposed rename and re-assignment-of-a-meaning of stateVersion (advertising everywhere :p) https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/50112
<{^_^}> #50112 (by samueldr, 2 days ago, open): Renames stateVersion to stateEpoch
<arianvp> makes sense
<arianvp> First time I used nixos I thought you had to update by changing the stateVersion variable :P
<ekleog> same here ^^'
<ekleog> and a friend just removed it thinking it was useless, just to see postgresql breaking on him during an update
<arianvp> Perhaps we can write an RFC for changing to DynamicUser? as it is a change that would touch almost everything, and might need to happen i nstages
<gchristensen> yea!
<ekleog> methinks this can be started without an RFC and should be turned into a RFC once the cooking RFC-process RFC gets done
<gchristensen> hard +1!
<gchristensen> it is about done fwiw -- globin and I are going to submit it after I can type again
<ekleog> :DD
<arianvp> One issue is that many modules either abuse users.homeDir, systemd.tmpfiles or activationScripts to create their state directory
<arianvp> instead of using StateDirectory
<arianvp> so that's step one probably, and that can happen already without anything DynamicUser
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<arianvp> ekleog: what happens if you put DynamicUser=false afterwards? does it migrate back to /var/lib/<service-name> ?
<ekleog> Looks like no: ~  sudo systemd-run --pty --property=DynamicUser=no --property=StateDirectory=ekl-test-2 --property=User=ekleog cat /var/lib/ekl-test-2/foobar <-- /run/current-system/sw/bin/cat: /var/lib/ekl-test-2/foobar: Permission denied
<ekleog> so we do need this stateVersion/Epoch bump :/
<arianvp> understood
<arianvp> Seems a bit odd though. Might not hurt filing that as an issue with systemd
<arianvp> because that behaviour is not documented and might even be undesirable
<arianvp> nah wait I think it's the expected behaviour
<ekleog> well, even if it's changed we can't rely on it, as older versions would likely have older versions of systemd
<arianvp> DynamicUser only works if the User= and Group= are names that _are not_ associated to a uid yet
<arianvp> if no such user/group exists, it's unclear how to "roll back"
<ekleog> and I don't really know whether it should be changed, actually
<ekleog> … wait, what?
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<arianvp> yes... DynamicUser doesn't work if there is already a uid attached to the user
<arianvp> it says it in the docs at least :P
<arianvp> so we'll have to remove "users.users.<service-name>" as well
<ekleog> oh, yes
<ekleog> but it's useless to use User with DynamicUser, AFAIU
<ekleog> ~  sudo systemd-run --pty --property=DynamicUser=yes --property=User=iamatest --property=StateDirectory=ekl-test-2 whoami <-- /run/current-system/sw/bin/whoami: cannot find name for user ID 63039
<arianvp> no it's not. some services expect a certain username for example
<arianvp> wut
<ekleog> well, yeah, that's exactly the reason why rss2email isn't a DynamicUser in its current proposal :D
<arianvp> When used in conjunction with DynamicUser= the user/group name specified
<arianvp> is dynamically allocated at the time the service is started, and released
<arianvp> at the time the service is stopped — unless it is already allocated
<arianvp> statically (see below).
<arianvp> this behaviour doesn't match what is documented :P
<ekleog> so that's definitely a systemd bug, I guess
<ekleog> I'll let you report, it's time to sleep here :p
<arianvp> yeh will do. sleep well!
<ekleog> feel free to poke me in the issue :)
<ekleog> (@Ekleog)
<ekleog> 'night!
<{^_^}> Night!
<gchristensen> where are you that it is night time?
<ekleog> japan, currently :)
<gchristensen> ah!
<ekleog> (still ~2 months left :D)
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<arianvp> Okay apparently we misconfigured systemd according to lennart
<{^_^}> systemd/systemd#10740 (by arianvp, 3 minutes ago, closed): DynamicUser doesn't allocate a User=,Group=
<arianvp> for this to work we need to setup /etc/nsswitch.conf to include nss-systemd
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<arianvp> ekleog: well that issue with DynamicUser seems to be not an upstream issue
<arianvp> but an issue with us, and a serious one :P
<arianvp> something something nss modules not being loaded
<arianvp> :/
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