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<veleiro> pie_: sorry for the late reply. yeah I started using pkg-config in rust to start linking my libraries dynamically
<veleiro> cxx is awesome, but I was looking for something more along the lines of autocxx. because I didn't want to make a c++ interface to that library for every c++ that doesn't return opaque types etc
<pie_> well at least i know who to ask about binding c++ stuff to rust now :P
<veleiro> so now I am looking to mostly use Rust for everything with autocxx, which returns a type UniquePtr<CxxString> for example, but i still have to convert it to a Rust string somehow, and that's not too easy either with the UTF-8 strings
<veleiro> i'm still figuring out the best way. it would be incredible to only write in the rust interface to describe bindings for libraries in c++
<veleiro> autocxx is being used for Chromium