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<pie_> veleiro: this doesnt help much, but the general solution in such cases is to try to bisect? see if you can get it to work with just cargo, then build on that?
<pie_> [citation needed]
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<veleiro> pie_: i did just that, and got it working in a nix-flakes way too. will explore more about how to package/build rust programs using nix instead
<veleiro> what i find confusing about this cxx library that has such high praise is dynamic vs static linking vs compiling with full c++ source
<veleiro> language bindings are very difficult to understand
<pie_> oh yeah that gets into a lot of stuff...im only learning more now...
<pie_> veleiro: how deep do you want to get? >.>
<veleiro> well i have to figure it all out
<pie_> veleiro: ive by chance stumbled on some stuff, and Learning Linux Binary Analysis (search libgen) seems to be a relatively guided tour of some relevant stuff
<pie_> specifically the first (few?) chapters on ELF and dynamic linking
<veleiro> its not like i'm not familiar with libraries, maybe i'm not understanding the linking properly
<pie_> I only got to ptrace the other day so IDK about the rest of the book
<veleiro> yes actually it might help
<pie_> I dont have much good advice to give because im still figuring stuff out myself
<pie_> but looking at the book seems a lot better than aimless searching
<pie_> otoh other people seem to be better at this than i am idk
<pie_> let me find another link for you
<pie_> this is a LOT (probably) of material though
<pie_> but yeah this seems to be one of the more obscure areas
<veleiro> so for bindings, using this cxx library i can dynamically or statically link to c++ libraries (using only the headers as i understand, which builds the bindings on both ends for you)
<pie_> good luck! (and take notes!)
<veleiro> thank you i will check the link
<pie_> a note for c++, something something make sure you are compilin everything with the same compiler unless things are linked on C interfaces something something
<pie_> people tell me the C++ abi is not well defined and there may be issues across different compilers and version
<veleiro> yeah, as ive experienced usually language bindings are done in C
<pie_> jus sayin
<pie_> anyway i gotta run but do tell if you figure anythin out
<veleiro> cxx is highly regarded for helping with a lot of it
<veleiro> thanks!
<pie_> oh thats the name of the library
<pie_> that make some more sense
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<veleiro> yep