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<{\_\}> j​aen[discord]: I ended up just doing a `mkDerivation`. It's somewhat annoying, because I have to add gemspec paths by hand, but at least it works.
<{\_\}> j​aen[discord]: I have another issue now – my Docker image ends up with gcc and cmake, because the `rugged` gems bring them along by not removing the build dir after it's built. It doesn't seem that you can hook into gem's build with `gemConfig`, is there any way to do it, short of overlaying/forking nixpkgs?
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<{\_\}> n​icknovitski[discord]: you can specify a postInstall phase with gemConfig that removes the unneeded files
<{\_\}> n​icknovitski[discord]: there are examples in nixpkgs' gem-config/default.nix
<{\_\}> j​aen[discord]: Wait, how does that even work? I though I could do that and it didn't work until I hacked the derivation in `gem/default.nix` to inherit it.
<{\_\}> j​aen[discord]: If that's supposed to work, maybe I was doing something else wrong ~~"
<{\_\}> j​aen[discord]: Yeah, just rolled back to upstream nixpkgs and it keeps working, so I guess I was doing something wrong the first time. Thanks for pointing out it was already supported!
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