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<manveru> qyliss: how's it going?
<qyliss> I have ended up being busier than expected but have just started
<qyliss> I will merge tonight.
<manveru> prefect :)
<manveru> i busted my hand pretty badly last weekend and it's still healing, so i can't type a whole lot each day :(
<qyliss> ouch
<manveru> so thanks for the help
<qyliss> manveru: the commits I just pushed look good to you?
<manveru> jup
<qyliss> Awesome. Will do one final package update, then squash + merge
<qyliss> Only one gem changed. Tested that one gem. Assuming we're fine.
<qyliss> So, here goes!
<qyliss> Merged!
<qyliss> Next things I want to do: kill 2.3, make 2.6 the default on staging
<qyliss> Or, wait, did we already make 2.6 the default. I forgot
<qyliss> Either way, killing 2.3 should be quicker so I’ll do that first.
<simpson> Oh, the bot's in here too. qyliss++ and manveru++ for behind-the-scenes work.
<{^_^}> manveru's karma got increased to 26, qyliss's karma got increased to 8
<qyliss> :)
<qyliss> Having to packages depending on 2.4 in 19.09 would be good too since it'll be EOL in March...
<{^_^}> #68030 (by alyssais, 44 seconds ago, open): ruby_2_3: remove
<samueldr> was sonic-pi working fine with another ruby?
<samueldr> (if so, then I guess the PR is a quick approval)
<qyliss> Read the commit message
<qyliss> I have no idea if it's working because I can't figure out easily what it does
<qyliss> But I'm not even convinced it worked before
<samueldr> oh, great commit message 👍
<qyliss> Have pinged sonic-pi's maintainers
<manveru> has some good examples
<samueldr> on my 19.03 machine I can't seem to start it due to mismatched Qt even after wrapping with the proper libsForQt5.mkDerivation
<samueldr> (as of nixos-unstable, not even with the change)
<samueldr> though I didn't look further into it once I saw it didn't start (my mind is on another issue)
<manveru> yeah, i might try it tomorrow
<manveru> trying the 19.03 version fails because it needs jackd :|
<qyliss> Yeah I think I read jackd has to be running?
<qyliss> I did briefly look into this
<qyliss> And then decided that it was too much effort to test a single package for a Ruby deprecation