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<qyliss> Not supported currently.
<qyliss> I used to have a Bundix wrapper for this
<qyliss> This is basically how Bundix 3 will work.
<qyliss> Which will support all manner of complicated gemfiles
<qyliss> First thing for me today though is see if we can get rubyWithPackages into shape for 19.09
<manveru> qyliss: thanks, i just got back from holidays and am just starting my job at iohk, so time is a bit short
<manveru> i think if the ruby 2.6 issues are solved, rubyWithPackages shouldn't need much work
<qyliss> Yeah it's mostly just fixing my own code review things and regenerating the packages I reckon
<manveru> aye
<manveru> maybe the ryan bot could run the update script too :)
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<qyliss> that would be neat
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<manveru> qyliss: looks like they just gave me some time to work on this as well ;)
<manveru> just got to do some other stuff first
<qyliss> oh rad
<manveru> i heard you're also doing nix full-time now for some new qubes-like project?
<qyliss> ##spectrum
<qyliss> er, #spectrum sorry
<qyliss> (website a bit out of date)
<manveru> nice :)
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<manveru> qyliss: ok, i think i addressed all the comments
<manveru> will do one more bundler run to get them all updated and then do some more testing
<qyliss> oh, lol. I was about halfway through addressing them myself
<manveru> :D
<manveru> wasn't much anyway
<manveru> pushed it if you want to compare (though i did a force-push because of rebase)
<qyliss> Has this been squashed at some point? Like, the rubygems changes in pkgs/development/interpreters/ruby/default.nix shouldn't be part of this commit.
<qyliss> (those changes are already in staging, fwiw, so may make sense to retarget the PR. I think samueldr mentioned a way to do that without renotifying everybody.)
<manveru> hmm
<manveru> i think i squashed it, yeah
<manveru> damn, haven't touched this in a while :)
<manveru> qyliss: i'll try removing that, unless you got it already
<qyliss> IIRC it won't work without it
<manveru> still running the tests, so not sure
<manveru> ok
<manveru> also maybe we should make pass in with-packages from top-level...
<manveru> s/make//
<qyliss> what do you mean, sorry?
<manveru> the call for `with-packages = import ../../ruby-modules/with-packages`
<manveru> needs arguments that `self` doesn't need...
<qyliss> ah
<manveru> dunno, just seemed a bit unclean
<qyliss> yes I think passing that in would be good
<manveru> so i'd make it a partial function that takes {ruby} (or maybe just `ruby:`?
<manveru> but then the devEnv does something similar
<manveru> and... i forgot turning off nixfmt, so it changed all the things :P
<manveru> qyliss: so i tested without the changes, seems like some gems on 2.6 still fail as usual :|
<qyliss> Presumably they'll start working once staging is merged though!
<qyliss> Which should happen before 19.09
<manveru> the update to 3.0.6?
<manveru> (for rubygems)
<manveru> well, lemme commit this one then and see if it works against staging :)
<manveru> and build again...
<samueldr> if you use git merge-base to rebase to that commit first, (and it causes no conflit) force push, then change branch, it shouldn't ping the world
<samueldr> git merge-base master your-branch
<samueldr> or uh, was it git merge-base master staging
<qyliss> aha, nice
<samueldr> as for my issue, I was confused because of
<{^_^}> nix-community/bundix#37 (by nyarly, 40 weeks ago, merged): Handle path sources (e.g. gemspec directives)
<samueldr> and then thought I was on the wrong track due to it being described as "a gem development environment"; I had assumed it meant that you ran bundix on the gem's source itself
<samueldr> I will look again to see how it goes
<qyliss> Well, usually you don't have paths in Gemfiles if you're not developing the gem, IME
<qyliss> manveru: still building?
<qyliss> (I ask because if that's a bottleneck I can test on a big computer)
<samueldr> I've had many situations where I had to change gems in incompatible non-upstreamable ways, when I was doing more development work; and my old work partner still does, so I don't know, maybe we're unlucky in what projects we worked on :)
<qyliss> wouldn't that then require a gem development environment?
<qyliss> perhaps just unclear phrasing
<samueldr> we're vendoring the patched project-specific gem in the project once the fix is made
<samueldr> though here it's because I'm using middleman, which wants extensions to be made as gems (unless I missed something in the docs), and I have an extension that I don't believe makes sense outside of my own website
<samueldr> at least, not for now
<qyliss> fair enough
<samueldr> though I don't discredit the idea that I could be doing things wrong
<samueldr> or at the very least, in unusual manners
<manveru> qyliss: yeah, had dinner in the meantime
<manveru> there's a lot of failures on staging :(
<manveru> so i'd say it doesn't fix the rubygems issue
<manveru> maybe i'm doing it wrong thoguh
<manveru> definitely wrong :|
<manveru> let's try one more :P
<manveru> and sure, if you have some good hardware, would be great to let it run there instead
<manveru> qyliss: pushed it to my ruby-with-packages-staging branch, seems to be 100% fine after a few little fixes :)
<qyliss> nice :)
<qyliss> have you built it all or do you want me to?
<manveru> i built it already
<qyliss> cool
<qyliss> So, shall we just merge this into master, knowing it'll be broken on 2.6 until staging gets merged?
<qyliss> I think that would be fine, since 2.6 isn't the default on master
<manveru> sounds good to me
<qyliss> Okay. I'll do one more review pass, and then we can go with that.
<manveru> i'll have to leave the rest up to you, my hands are dying :(
<qyliss> Cool, okay.
<qyliss> In that case i'll just ask a question
<qyliss> How would you feel about just dropping the bit from the manual about globally installing a rubyWithPackages? I'm uncomfortable with promoting that over nix-shell, because globally installing libraries is a recipe for disaster.
<manveru> also fine... felt it was worth mentioning anyway based on the python one
<qyliss> cool, I'll do that and merge it
<manveru> thanks a lot
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