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<Church-> So was curious if anyone had tried nixOS on a turis omnia? Was thinking of picking one up and curious what the support was
<Church-> srk: I see you had a omnia from looking at logs. Have any luck getting nixOS flashed to it?
<flokli> Church-: I have a turris Mox somewhere on my to-do list
<flokli> And I successfully entirely crosscompiled for another armv7l board
<flokli> From x86_64
<flokli> Given the omnia kinda works with debian mainline these days, I see few reasons why nixos wouldn't :-)
<Church-> Hmmm. Tempted then
<Church-> flokli: Got notes on the cross-compiling?
<flokli> Church-: it was literally (pkgs.pkgsCross.armv7l-hf-multiplatform ./configuration.nix).config.system.build
<flokli> and some fixes on the way, as some stuff didn't (yet) crosscompile
<flokli> some I fixed and upstreamed, some I patched out by disabling it
<{^_^}> #91195 (by flokli, 8 weeks ago, merged): extlinux-conf-builder: expose and use base builder command, allow a custom FDT to be specified
<{^_^}> #91214 (by flokli, 8 weeks ago, merged): nixos/make-ext4-fs: increase fudge factor from 1.03 to 1.10
<Church-> Nifty, I'll have to jot that down and bug you in a month when I pick this up. :p
<flokli> hehe
<{^_^}> #50925 (by eburimu, 1 year ago, open): pkgsCross.armv7l-hf-multiplatform.btrfs-progs fails to build
<Church-> Hmm, is btrfs needed?
<flokli> if you want to use btrfs, yes ;-)
<Church-> Heh I do not.
<Church-> I like sanity and stability thank you :p
<flokli> You still need explicitly disable udisks2 then
<flokli> because it pulls in btrfs-progs
<Church-> Got it.
<flokli> and just being able to mount these volumes doesn't necessary imply you need to run it on your / ;-)
<Church-> True.
<flokli> yeah, feel free to highlight me when you hack on it
<Church-> kk
<Church-> Would be fun if we got this going well, then we'd have a nice piece of kit to do a nixOS router on.
<Church-> If I could do it on this cruddy openwrt router I would :p
<flokli> :-)
<Church-> Since after looking at disasm's config I'm inspired. :)
<Church-> But also the fact I need a good place to run BGP for my VPN :v
<Church-> flokli: Okay, looking at this right after paying off my CC was a poor decision.
<Church-> Must resist urge to buy.
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<flokli> hehe
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<Church-> flokli: Welp, lost my will saving throw against shiny. Taking 365 points of damage against my CC :p
<Church-> Guess I'll fiddle with getting my omnia on nixOS next weekend.