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<mdlayher> hey all, when does the unstable channel get updated? if i'm looking at https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs-channels correctly, it's been about 6 days
<mdlayher> i merged a change into unstable that i'd like to deploy locally
<mdlayher> without resorting to an overlay
<cransom> https://status.nixos.org/ . the orange tells me probably more often thant 4 days ago.
<gchristensen> I updated the issue title referred to at the top of that page too
<mdlayher> cransom: thanks for the link, TIL
<gchristensen> fwiw there might be a fix in the works, not yet talked about
<mdlayher> thanks as well for the info. i appreciate all the work folks do to maintain the build infrastructure and such, and will follow along
<gchristensen> <3
<gchristensen> thank you
<mdlayher> more on topic, i've been running my NixOS router for a couple of months now and am in love with it. it's been a major improvement from the ubiquiti gear i was running for routing
<flokli> mdlayher: out of interest, is it x86 or some arm?
<mdlayher> x86. Does the job nicely
<flokli> Yeah :-D
<mdlayher> My only concern is that I can't do 10GbE, but it'll be a long time before I have a strong need anyway
<gchristensen> <3 those
<flokli> I still need to find time to give my aarch64 stuff some love
<mdlayher> Yeah the whole kit was like $170. Unbelievable deal
<flokli> The turris mox that arrived half a year go is still not in use :-/
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