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<gchristensen> I might be bringing fresh blood to th echan
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<mmlb> and lurks, don't have much to say yet. would love to run nix on my router but need a web interface for some simple firewally things. Simple app is on my todo list, but way down there.
<gchristensen> hello!
<gchristensen> welcome!
<gchristensen> mmlb, this is the channel. channel, this is mmlb.
<mmlb> I've seen your setup gchristensen is that representative of peeps here?
<gchristensen> I ripped mine off of disasm's iirc https://github.com/disassembler/network/blob/master/portal/default.nix
<gchristensen> not sure about the others
<gchristensen> I'd be willing to bet we've, uh, cross-polinated a lot
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