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<cole-h> Anybody with access to's Prometheus: could you please flip `metric.current` to 0 for 19.09 channels? (c.f.
<cole-h> I was under the assumpetion there's something to do in Prometheus itself, since that already happened for 19.09 channels (and they were not marked EOL)
<cole-h> s/assumpetion/assumption/
<gchristensen> might need deploying to eris
<cole-h> Semi-related: what's the relationship between delft and eris?
<gchristensen> delft is the name of the nixos deployment, which used to refer to the physical servers in a building owned by TU Delft
<gchristensen> network*
<cole-h> Got it.
<cole-h> I think we already got ami\nechikhaoui to deploy eris after worldofpeace PR'd the "add 20.09 channels" stuff, but I could be wrong.
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