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<ikwildrpepper> garbas: are you the one that manages the netlify account?
<ikwildrpepper> garbas: if so, is it possible to give me access as well, so I can download the invoices for netlif?
<garbas> ikwildrpepper: ofcourse. i think the email/password should be in the pass repo. let me see how to add somebody to the secret
<garbas> ikwildrpepper: do you have access to pass repo?
<ikwildrpepper> garbas: yeah, think so. thnx, I think I actually one logged in already but forgot :D
<garbas> ikwildrpepper: gopass show nixos/websites/
<ikwildrpepper> yep
<ikwildrpepper> even worse, my browser was logged in still :o
<ikwildrpepper> clearly netlify doesnt do session expiration :S
<garbas> :)
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