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<niksnut> okay, the files are up
<niksnut> with the right content-encoding
<niksnut> thanks samueldr :-)
<niksnut> we just need to wait for a 19.09 channel update
<niksnut> 'Your bandwidth usage on your team (NixOS team) has reached 75% of the current allowance in your billing cycle from March 10 to April 10.'
<tilpner> Is that from netlify?
<niksnut> yes
<tilpner> What happens if 100% is reached? Do they charge the organisation, or cut service?
<niksnut> We have supplied our credit card, so I think we automatically get charged for the next 100 GB
<tilpner> Ahh, I guess that's better than suddenly disappearing
<niksnut> anyway bandwidth usage should drop a lot when we switch to using packages/options.json from
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<samueldr> we probably should do a small announcement wite-up for this breaking change for an undocumented "API" that we had, and document where it is now found
<samueldr> not sure other than repology if there were users of that data
<niksnut> +1
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