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<maxine> I can get pretty close to building everything, but a test in gnome-calculator fail bc of paths. I don't think I know enough about nix to know how to patch the test to work tho
<jtojnar> maxine: do you have an error log?
<jtojnar> does `preCheck = ''export HOME=$TMPDIR'';` fix it?
<jtojnar> maxine^
<jtojnar> or maybe `XDG_CACHE_DIR=$TMPDIR` to be even more specifiv
<maxine> HOME fixes it, XDG_CACHE_DIR does not.
<maxine> I'll PR it, ta!
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<maxine> Cool, after waiting for several hours for webkitgtk, looks like for my subset of things gnome 40 works now. I'll use it as a daily driver on one of my laptops to see if it's actually not broken
<maxine> I don't remember this much of gnome being broken by not running tracker... without tracker running way more software throws errors now