<hpfr> I have `services.xserver.displaymanager.autoLogin.enable = true` in my config
<hpfr> After updating to 3.38 it no longer works
<hpfr> Any ideas on what to fix?
<hpfr> It looks like it’s still putting the correct info in /etc/gdm/custom.conf
<hpfr> For me it doesn’t crash, I just have to log in with my user and password at gdm
<hpfr> I use Wayland and amdgpu
<jtojnar> anything weird in the logs?
<jtojnar> just double checked and autologin still works for me in a VM
<hpfr> What logs
<hpfr> Nothing in gdm
<jtojnar> maybe `displayManager.gdm.debug = true;`
<worldofpeace> Maybe a possible issue with accountsservice is why autologin doesn't work? But only on existing systems because state