<jtojnar> we still need to update most of the extensions for 3.38 😱
<piegames1> Tell me what you think and if it is something you'd like to see upstream.
<jtojnar> it would be nice to use this for generating all extensions from extensions.gnome.org
<jtojnar> it would probably need to be more flexible to allow patching typelib paths since that is required for majority of extensions
<jtojnar> piegames1: also nixpkgs cannot contain `builtins.fromJSON (builtins.readFile "${src}/metadata.json")`
<worldofpeace> why not?
<jtojnar> it is IFD
<jtojnar> which Hydra does not like
<jtojnar> (import from derivation)
<jtojnar> well not exactly IFD but similar
<piegames1> I remember, that was the main point why I didn't try to upstream it.
<piegames1> We sadly cannot enumerate the index of existing extensions, and it probably won't change soon <https://gitlab.gnome.org/Infrastructure/extensions-web/-/issues/123>
<piegames1> jtojnar: What do you mean with "patching typelib paths"?
<piegames1> The only way to get around the IFD that I see is to transform this into a "ego2nix" tool that generates an index that is checked into nixpks.
<jtojnar> right
<piegames1> Is there a way to skip Hydra? Are IFD okay if we don't run them on Hydra?
<jtojnar> it would have to be inaccessible to Hydra
<jtojnar> which would make it harder to use
<piegames1> jtojnar: How inaccessible? As in: "put it in NUR"?
<jtojnar> it could not be an attribute in pkgs