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<leons> Since some days I'm trying to make Emacs my OS, hence I'd like to use eshell ^^
<leons> However, I'm having a hard time finding a nix-shell -p $PACKAGE equivalent for quickly trying out an executable of a package
<leons> Is there some way to get a similar behavior with eshell?
<alexarice[m]> Does anyone else find that the first *.nix file they open in emacs loads very slowly?
<bqv[m]> `nix-shell -p $PACKAGE --run "command with args"` works fine for me
<bqv[m]> i think i did have to fiddle with some env vars to get nix up to speed
<bqv[m]> alexarice: that's probably a nix-mode loading or something
<leons> qy: Yeah, that works but I'd prefer some kind of interactive session
<alexarice[m]> qy: Seems very slow for me, I might have an investigate
<bqv[m]> Leon: you could probably hack something together to run the nix-shell and steal the $PATH and anything else relevant from it, and set those in your eshell
<bqv[m]> but i wouldn't imagine it would be worth the hassle
<leons> yeah, probably not :/
<adisbladis> leons: Supposedly nix-mode has something for that
<adisbladis> (nix-eshell-with-packages '( "hello" ))
<adisbladis> It crashes for me though:
<adisbladis> condition-case: Symbol’s value as variable is void: woman-manpath
<alexarice[m]> hmm, it seems nix-mode is definitely causing the slowing down, though even if I put "demand" in the use-package config, it still takes time to load when first openede
<leons> adisbladis: It does! I was only searching for interactive commands. Crashes for me too, "nix-store" command not found. Weird stuff
<leons> Fixable by tweaking the variable, now have the same error as you
<bqv[m]> mine says `Your system () does not match .drv’s build system (x86_64-linux)`
<bqv[m]> excellent, three different errors for the same thing
<leons> Amazing
<bqv[m]> but at least it's consistent in not working
<bqv[m]> for what it's worth, i avoid eshell like the plague because it's so easy to lock up your emacs with it
<bqv[m]> vterm is much more reliable
<bqv[m]> and you can also interact with emacs from within it anyway
<leons> qy: I didn't know about vterm. I used ansi-term the last couple of weeks, but wasn't satisfied with SSH support, also running ncurses apps really stressed out the CPU
<adisbladis> leons: Do you have a nice eshell config?
<adisbladis> vterm is <3
<leons> I mean, SSH in eshell is really frickin cool
<leons> No, just using the defaults for now
<adisbladis> But it's not quite as integrated as eshell (of course)
<adisbladis> leons: Bask in the glory that is vterm
<adisbladis> That's htop running within emacs :>
<leons> Awesome. I mean besides the lagging and battery killing, that works in ansi-term too ^^
<bqv[m]> you can still actually use tramp from vterm, theoretically
<bqv[m]> have a look at the vterm repo
<adisbladis> bqv[m]: Wat
<bqv[m]> it can track your directory, potentially even across hosts
<bqv[m]> i only found out about this today myself too
<leons> qy: srsly? I need that
<adisbladis> Whoa
<adisbladis> That must be pretty recent?
<bqv[m]> no idea
<bqv[m]> like i said, only just found it
<adisbladis> Added last year
<adisbladis> I haven't been keeping up!
<leons> So i fixed the `woman-manpath`, currently stuck at `Man-header-file-path` and decided to give up and try vterm insteaad
<alexarice[m]> what makes vterm good with emacs?
<adisbladis> alexarice[m]: It works?
<adisbladis> I mean, it's a fully compliant terminal emulator inside emacs
<alexarice[m]> oh it's inside emacs
<adisbladis> All the software I've tried (even curses) just works
<adisbladis> It's somewhat nicely integrated, you can navigate output, copy text & such
<adisbladis> I never got fish to work inside any other emacs terminal thingy
<leons> adisbladis: Do you have to switch to line mode prior copying?
<adisbladis> leons: You mean exwm line mode? No, you dont.
<leons> No, I mean line mode as in term-mode
<bqv[m]> those are not the same category of thing
<adisbladis> leons: You have to switch to vterm-copy-mode
<adisbladis> C-t
<bqv[m]> i normally just use the mouse, tbh...
<adisbladis> Heathen! :O
<leons> Okay, yeah makes sense
<bqv[m]> heh
<leons> What's this mouse?
<bqv[m]> i'm in exwm so it's convenient enough
<adisbladis> Haha, I wonder how many ppl in this channel are using exwm :>
<leons> Does one really wanna use exwm though? Still not sure, I'm hearing a lot of people complain about everything locking up constantly :/
<adisbladis> I know of at least 6
<leons> i3 works fine for me currently, but thinking about switching
<bqv[m]> it only locks up if you do dumb things, or use eshell
<adisbladis> leons: I'm a couple of years (~2) in now
<leons> qy: That would be a "yes" and a "yes" from me :)
<adisbladis> I can't imagine anything else
<bqv[m]> i've learnt my lesson of trying to bring everything i do into emacs. some things just work better outside emacs, and that way they can't lock it up
<adisbladis> All other WMs are toys in comparisons
<bqv[m]> agreed
<adisbladis> Though I have to admit that I still do java (android) in android studio
<adisbladis> Running inside exwm :>
<bqv[m]> oh, oh no
<adisbladis> bqv[m]: It's alright. I don't do a whole lot of android any more.
<leons> Can't you point the android studio thingie to open files using emacsclient?
<bqv[m]> emacs within x windows within emacs
<leons> Thats what I'm doing with the 30GB monster software, that is Vivado
<leons> qy: No, I mean clicking on the file in Vivado opens up my emacs buffer using the server socket
<bqv[m]> to be fair, i used to use vim in vterm in emacs. then i created a find-file alias to open it using emacsclient
<bqv[m]> still haven't got used to using it all the time though
<adisbladis> My tmate sessions are _amazing_
<bqv[m]> i open something in vim and get confused why pasting isn't working properly
<adisbladis> Emacs running a terminal running an emacs session
<adisbladis> Yo dawg
<bqv[m]> oh no
<bqv[m]> hey i wanna try that, what happens if i switch to the vterm buffer currently hosting an emacsclient frame, in that vterm buffer
<leons> oh, c'mon: `vterm-mode: Wrong number of arguments: #<module function Fvterm_new from /nix/store/04biah3wgyxzlihy1m0fdzdv6i087gf4-emacs-packages-deps/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa/vterm-20200107.1419/>, 4`
<bqv[m]> <bqv[m] "hey i wanna try that, what happe"> So, as it happens, this kills the emacs
<adisbladis> Never managed to get emacs running properly in vterm
<adisbladis> I use urxvt for that
<adisbladis> So I can enter char-mode
<bqv[m]> Gonna have to ssh in and reboot now…
<leons> Okay, using native binaries from nixpkgs with elisp from current MELPA doesnt work well. What's your solution in this case? Just delete the entire elpa cache?
<leons> I mean it works but feels like brute force
<leons> Oh wow, vterm works really really well
<bqv[m]> Yeah!
<leons> Honestly compared to term-mode and the likes it's a pleasure to use. It can even handle the fish command previews properly while pasting. wow
<leons> Since I'm already distracting you, what do you use to switch between project contexts? I'd like to have basically a named set of buffers, for instance "work", "nixos" and the likes. Including keeping the layout. I'm already using ivy-push-view but that doesn't categorize buffers
<jackdk> oooh vterm looks nifty
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