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<jeschli> etu: Thank you, for sharing me your nix-config repo some weeks ago. On my holiday, today, I was able to give it a try. I extracted successfully your exwm settings and will use it as a basis to customize for my own needs.
<etu> jeschli: Oh nice :)
<etu> jeschli: You're welcome :)
<jeschli> you do not use any helm for switching workspaces do you?
<jeschli> first time using exwm and super happy now.
<jeschli> do not how i update my exwm emacs with after a nix-rebuild switch, though.
<etu> Log out and log in :p
<jeschli> let me see how i log out xD
<jeschli> it :)
<jeschli> nice :-)
<etu> Yeah, close emacs => logs out :p
<etu> It kinda makes sense, it's just... :D
<jeschli> yeah a bit weird for the first time. :-)
<jeschli> etu: what is this exwm-run-systemd about? wondering why you bound that so nicely and the exwm-run together with another key.
<etu> jeschli: Well, it's not really needed. But it kinda runs things under systemd-run
<etu> jeschli: It has some benefits and problems :D
* adisbladis uses a similar approach
<adisbladis> It's... A mixed bag
<adisbladis> Though I really enjoy killing a terminal and whatever misbehaving child process is running dies
<jeschli> So what sort of applications need that to run?
<jeschli> Or you run?
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<adisbladis> jeschli: I run gui apps inside their own units
<adisbladis> No applications need that, but I find it pretty nice
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