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<adisbladis> evanjs: Add an override to nixpkgs?
<evanjs> adisbladis: so yeah that's what I was wondering. I've seen this happen in nodePackages and it's fairly painless in my experience (e.g. #73225) but it's in recipes-archive-melpa.json and I wasn't sure... oh. melpa-packages.nix?
<{^_^}> (by evanjs, 4 weeks ago, open): nodePackages."@angular/cli": disable analytics
<evanjs> I guess I got lost/was rushing when looking through this before, but that looks like where overrides for recipes-archive-melpa.json are specified
<evanjs> I also suppose I sort of expected any packages that are specified in recipes-archive-melpa.json to have their dependencies specified already
<evanjs> i.e. it seemed like, in this case, some required depencies were not already specified, unless I was configuring things wrong
<adisbladis> evanjs: Obviously native dependencies are missing from melpa metadata
<evanjs> adisbladis: well right right I mean I figured them to be specified in the overrides in nixpkgs so that stuff works as intended
<adisbladis> Ah yeah they should be :)
<evanjs> Right that's why I was confused because it looked like the ruby deps for markdown-preview-eww weren't, but I suppose I could've just been configuring it wrong