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<tom39291> Is anyone able to re-run https://hydra.nixos.org/build/90390761 ? Some large packages on aarch64 seem to time out. I'm working on getting access to a larger aarch64 machine (via scaleway) to try to reproduce, but until then it'd be nice if my rpi could use Firefox (which fails because LLVM failed).
<srhb> tom39291: Yeah. I think I got everything. Bit of a queue though, and it seems in general we're waiting for aarch64 mostly these days, so I guess our infrastructure on that platform is a bit overloaded.
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<gchristensen> there is a magic trick to making big builds finish
<srhb> gchristensen: Do tell
<gchristensen> give them the big-parallel feature
<srhb> Oh :P
<gchristensen> maybe I should make the other builders grant each build more cores, instead
<gchristensen> but a big-parallel aarch64 job gets 45 cores
<srhb> That seems sensible then.
<gchristensen> which part?
<srhb> Using big-parallel for the ones that are currently missing it
<gchristensen> ah yeah :)
<gchristensen> I bet adding that feature causes a rebuild :X
<gchristensen> ever since bigmac (RIP) went away
<srhb> gchristensen: Is that queued jobs?
<gchristensen> yea
<srhb> That's interesting. It does not match my expectations from outstanding jobs in evaluations on hydra.
<gchristensen> ah
<srhb> Maybe just coincidental from when I viewed, this is better :)
<gchristensen> it is possible the trouble you're noticing when it feels that way is due to big-parallel
<srhb> Yeah, definitely.
<gchristensen> whoa, matthewbauer got a real picture on github
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<gchristensen> we need to get bastion monitored by prometheus.
<gchristensen> and the webserver. then we'll get better insight in to channel bumps.
<noonien> nix-channel --update seems to segfault
<noonien> how can i get a core dump, and where should i submitit?
<andi-> noonien: i saw the same. Ithink you have to enable coredumps on NixOS.
<noonien> i've created an issue: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/2733
<{^_^}> nix#2733 (by noonien, 41 minutes ago, open): nix-channel segfault: Fatal error: glibc detected an invalid stdio handle
<noonien> i could dump the core by running: `ulimit -c unlimited` before running the command
<andi-> Can you reproduce it? I only saw it on a friends machine whenever there was an actual bump
<noonien> yup
<andi-> Running it the 2nd time usually didn't cause it again :/
<noonien> running that command again reproduces the segfault
<andi-> Cool
<andi-> Which channel(s) do you have?
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<delroth> hey, there's something weird with the cached version of ghidra-bin on cache.nixos.org right now, see https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/57811
<{^_^}> #57811 (by ck3d, 27 minutes ago, open): Revert "ghidra: use autoPatchelfHook"
<delroth> for some reason the cached version has a broken patchelf output, and building the same version from head (has same derivation hash and all) gives "good" output
<delroth> anyone maybe understands how that can happen? :)
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<srhb> delroth: Do you have the sandbox on or off?
<delroth> on, pretty sure
<delroth> sandbox = true
<srhb> delroth: That does sound like a potential bug in the hook then... Weird.
<srhb> I can't seem to trigger it, so maybe something specific to the builder.. Yuck.
<delroth> yeah, I've been trying to reproduce it locally too... but failing
<srhb> I think it deserves a separate issue for sure...
<noonien> any projects that caontain a shell.nix and default.nix i can take a look at?
<srhb> noonien: Sounds like a topic for #nixos :)
<noonien> oh man, wrong channel again, sorry about that, i need to stop coming here when tired
<srhb> This channel is mostly for discussions related to project-wide decisions, problems, etc.
<srhb> Sure thing!
<gchristensen> samueldr: is https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/624 +1 from you?
<{^_^}> hydra#624 (by kquick, 13 weeks ago, open): Add job status headers (web useability for red/green colorblindness).
<samueldr> the thumbsup? no
<gchristensen> I meant to ask, do you think it is sufficiently good to merge?
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> yeah, imo it's good to go
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<scientist> is anybody here ?
<manveru> scientist: what's up?
<scientist> manveru: well i have a problem loading my custom keyboard layout in my configuration.nix file
<manveru> scientist: that'd be #nixos :)
<scientist> manveru: nobody is responding to this question, do you know when the infinisil guy gets on, because he has been the one that has been able to help me with this problem
<manveru> no idea, but pretty much everyone in here is also in #nixos, and this is not related to NixOS development, so I'm not sure you'll get much more help
<samueldr> most often, when a question isn't answered, it is because people don't know the answer
<gchristensen> scientist: best bet is to find a way to help yourself solve the problem, infinisil won't be able to help with everything
<scientist> gchristensen: my problem is with xkb, i just want to finish this so i can get back to coding
<gchristensen> right. so maybe there is a better resource, more specific to xkb than the NixOS community
<scientist> gchristensen: well the layout works, but when i put it in my configuration.nix file and it boots it does not switch to my custom layout, i have only been using nixos for a week, so i am still getting used to things
<manveru> scientist: fwiw, i run xkblayout in my xsession file, since i couldn't get that to work easily either
<simpson> scientist: That's about how well things work here; I haven't wanted to really put more stuff into configuration.nix and I have multiple keyboards to switch between, so I just run xmodmap instead. It's a tiny annoyance, but like you say, gotta get back to coding.
<scientist> thanks for the tips, i'll try a couple more things, if they don't work i will just run the command
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<gchristensen> https://hydra.nixos.org/jobset/nixos/release-19.03/ these new columns are nice!
<simpson> Very legible.
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<dtz> ooo
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