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<ekleog> did anyone try to ssh into packet-epyc-1 and try running a test by hand to see if they can reproduce and if so how reliably ? maybe it's due to how hydra calls the tests or something
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<teto> dtz: interested in shepherding https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/42838 ?
<{^_^}> #42838 (by teto, 22 weeks ago, open): [RFC] add ability to merge structured configs
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<yl[m]> what this error suggest to you? `error: opening lock file '/nix/var/nix/db/big-lock': Permission denied`?
<yl[m]> I'm using nix-darwin (cc LnL) with the home-manager nix-darwin module to build users and their home directory. I'm getting this error when the home-manager's activation trigger
<yl[m]> (gettings links)
<clever> yl[m]: `export NIX_REMOTE=daemon` to fix big-lock
<yl[m]> let me try that
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<LnL> yeah, it's not going through the daemon but >=2.0 detects that automatically
<LnL> so the permissions of /nix/var/nix are probably not entirely correct
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<samueldr> what causes cancellataions in builds on hydra? is it always a human-made action or are there conditions where it will happen?
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<samueldr> e.g. was 18.09-aarch64 cancelled due to it being mass rebuilt anyway?
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<gchristensen> any objection to mreging https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/50452 ?
<{^_^}> #50452 (by P-E-Meunier, 2 weeks ago, open): Rust build-support: fixing a compilation error in some crates
<yl[m]> LnL I I tried different ways with no luck. the user running the switch was admin, but running it for the user yl. I reinstalled my mac last night, I want to create the user yl directly from mac this time and try again.
<ckauhaus> gchristensen: seems not to be the case :)
<yl[m]> LnL when I’m done with this ticket on my end and have some time, I’ll try to reproduce in a VM
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<worldofpeace> Who are the active maintainer/s for xfce4-12?
<sphalerite> worldofpeace: based on the git log, volth seems to be the only one actively contributing
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<worldofpeace> sphalerite: Thanks
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<thoughtpolice> gchristensen: Ah nuts, forgot to do the RUSTDOC one too in https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/50452#event-2001802251 :( Should I submit another PR? rust-build-crates.nix isn't really used that much, right?
<gchristensen> go for it, I dunno how much it is used
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<samueldr> so uh, what is causing build cancellations on hydra, for nixos:release-18.09-aarch64?
<samueldr> I can restart the aborted builds, but I don't know if I'd be fighting something and causing more issues
<gchristensen> samueldr: restart and find out? :P
<samueldr> is "Cancelled" always a human-led action?
<gchristensen> seems to be, given build status 4 means Cancelled and build status 4 shows the error Cancelled by user
<gchristensen> (you're asking good / hard questions about hydra, making me look at its source more often than usual :P)
<samueldr> Admin::clear_queue_non_current, JobsetEval::cancel Builds::cancel all three call `cancelBuilds`, From Helper::Nix
<samueldr> (which sets buildStatus => 4)
<samueldr> that is, unless it's part of the C code either builder or queue-runner, which seems to be able to batch update Builds too
<samueldr> (though AFAICT they don't seem to set it to Cancelled)
<samueldr> could it be that when a build in staging somehow happens to match a build in release-18.09, cancelling the jobset cancels that build, which ripples towards release-18.09?
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/10956 (by robgssp, 3 years ago, merged): clfswm: add maintainer
<samueldr> Build 85028090 of job nixos:release-18.09-aarch64:nixpkgs.chromium.aarch64-linux
<samueldr> and following the "gemfile-and-lockfile" build dependency links to Build 80100428 of job nixpkgs:staging:chromium.aarch64-linux
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<samueldr> (I may be entirely wrong!)
<thoughtpolice> Wrote 40 billion words about my NTP work on Discourse, if anyone is interested in feedback: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/rfc-accurate-time-synchronization-dependencies-via-time-sync-target/1582
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<lopsided98> libtirpc requires krb5-config (in "${libkrb5.dev}/bin"), but this is not added to the PATH when cross-compiling. What is the correct way to get the configure script to find it?
<lopsided98> It works if I manually add it to PATH, but that seems ugly
<samueldr> :/ builds for release-18.09-aarch64 again got cancelled
<aminechikhaoui> maybe someone is cancelling the jobs, I think if it shows "cancelled by a user" that means someone canceled it but not entirely sure
<samueldr> looks like it from hydra's source
<samueldr> but the lack of communication here (not being able to / forced to add a reason) is definitely an issue
<gchristensen> oh that'd be a cool improvement
<gchristensen> even if the reason wasn't tied to each job, just in a list somewhere viewable by timestamp
<samueldr> it's been close to a month since release-18.09-aarch64 was built without a cancel :/
<samueldr> and the worst part is there may be a good reason not to do restart now, but the fact it's being done (seemingly) silently means I may be stepping on someone's foot
<gchristensen> eh, just keep doing it
<gchristensen> you're communicating well, I'd say the onus is on them! :)
<samueldr> (or that there's something else at play, which I can't really explain)
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