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<Mic92> I have now a github actions invite.
<Mic92> mhm too bad we will not able to enable the sandbox here: https://developer.github.com/actions/creating-workflows/creating-a-new-workflow/
<gchristensen> :)
<Mic92> mhm. Maybe I was wrong. I can nest user namespaces, when the parent is mapped to root again: unshare -Urm unshare -Um
<gchristensen> whoa
<Mic92> let's see if this also works in docker
<Mic92> Would be also great for builder images outside of github
<gchristensen> that would be great
<Mic92> But let's first upgrade rustc to 1.31
<gchristensen> yay :) yes please!
<gchristensen> stable clippy and rustfmt is going to be very nice
<Mic92> I have 72 cores and rust uses somethink like 2 to 7 during the build.
<Mic92> Might be the codegen limit that we have to protect memory depletion in hydra.
<gchristensen> O.o
<Mic92> Ok. actually half the cores. The rest are hyperthreads.
<gchristensen> eh, close enough
<Mic92> I can't complain :)
<gchristensen> `nproc` => 8 :(
<Mic92> on my laptop it is 4
<gchristensen> my other machine I thought had 12, but it has 6 cores and no hyperthreading
<Mic92> Interesting guix is using https://github.com/thepowersgang/mrustc for bootstrapping
<gchristensen> huh...
<Mic92> But yet it seems a bit academically to me
<Mic92> I generally trust mozilla's binaries.
<gchristensen> they don't trust anything, iirc they bootstrap from like a 40 byte large scheme interpreter or something to create a first c compiler
<Mic92> this sounds a bit like overegineering.
<Mic92> *engineering
<gchristensen> I wouldn't make those choices
<Mic92> actually looks pretty similar to stdenv bootstrapping.
* gchristensen learns more Rust
<gchristensen> I should probably have learned idiomatic error handling sooner
<LnL> heh
<LnL> you mean the ? stuff
<gchristensen> like making different types of Errors and enum'd errors
<gchristensen> shold have read https://blog.burntsushi.net/rust-error-handling/ ages ago, probably used error_chain ages ago
<gchristensen> thogh I do get to use https://github.com/withoutboats/failure now
<gchristensen> I made #rust people sad because they suggested the `failure` crate, but since it isn't on play.rust-lang.org, I can't as easily get help ... so I switched to error-chain ... and well they aren't impressed
<gchristensen> and then burntsushi told me screw both of those and go it alone