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<andycandy> I've got a question about virtualization. I'm planning my host and guests to run nixos, I just need a low footprint way to split resources between guests. it's all headless server AMD. Should I use vitrualbox as is described in nixops manual?
<andycandy> are there simpler or better performance solutions?
<CRTified[m]> Not necessarily nixops, but I think classical nixos containers (which uses systemd-nspawn) might be more efficient due to shared kernel and no virtualized hardware andycandy
<andycandy> thnx
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<andycandy> I was only able to find CPUShares and MemoryLimit for . is there a way to do that for containers?
<andycandy> CRTified[m] maybe?
<CRTified[m]> as far as I can tell it should be possible with systemd.resource-control:
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<Batou> Should almost definitely be someway to do it if that doesn't work. Given it's just cgroups v2(?) underneath