adisbladis changed the topic of #nixops to: NixOps related talk | logs: | NixOps 2.0 planning call 2021-02-05 15:00 UTC
<Raito_Bezarius> is there an easy way to override the nixosSystem there: ?
<Raito_Bezarius> like if I do lib = lib.extend (final: prev: { nixosSystem = a new one; }), can I overlay it on the network.nixpkgs?
<Raito_Bezarius> nevermind
<Raito_Bezarius> the dirty nixpkgs = nixpkgs // { inherit lib; } seems to be working :>
<meireikei> clever: how do I tell it to do that?
<meireikei> the problem was that it thought it had a working key, but the key didn't actually work (not sure why). so it tried and failed to connect with its own kye
<Raito_Bezarius> meireikei: it will do it by default
<Raito_Bezarius> there are two places for those SSH keys
<Raito_Bezarius> (a) in your ~/.ssh (or /root/.ssh or whatever), try them directly without nixops, if none works, go to (b)
<Raito_Bezarius> (b) in the statefile of NixOps, opening it with sqlite3 and selecting the right field will give you the private key NixOps installed, you can copy it into a file and use ssh -i on it, if it does not work, tough luck, the target host has no "working" key
<meireikei> I had my own working key for the host, but nixops seemed to have a non-working key
<meireikei> so I could ssh to it with my normal ssh command, but nixops was trying to ssh, getting an authentication error on the host, and eventually failing
<meireikei> so I don't know how I was supposed to tell it to not use its own key b/c it was corrupt
<meireikei> the documentation for nixops 1.7 is not very good
<meireikei> I eventually just removed that host from the deploy and re-added it
<meireikei> and that got it to successfully make a new key that seems to work
<Raito_Bezarius> indeed, in my experience, this can happen
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<clever> meireikei it will just use whatever is in the ssh agent automatically
<clever> meireikei: if `ssh-add -l` shows the key, then your good
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