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<gchristensen> craige: /quit :)
<craige> Yeah. It's late here, I think I hid it well though. :-)
<craige> Too much time in postrges lately :-D
<dongcarl> Is it possible to have seemless deployment *from* multiple machines?
<dongcarl> I'd be glad to submit patches... But would like to know if it works right now, and if not, how I might make it work
<lordcirth> dongcarl, not that I know of. I would ssh to a designated admin machine.
<lordcirth> You could potentially keep the db on a network mount; not sure how well nixops would handle locking
<dongcarl> yeah I wish there was a more generalized solution to this...
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<lordcirth> Of course, in principle couldn't you just run 'nixops deploy --check' or something and have it bring the db up to date?
<lordcirth> Hmm, no you'd have to 'create' first, and it would have a different uuid
<dongcarl> lordcirth: Hmmm... That makes it sound like this is an easy feature to add to nixops?
<lordcirth> I don't know enough to say
<dongcarl> Perhaps I'll open an issue.
<lordcirth> I think there is one already
<{^_^}> nixops#464 (by grahamc, 3 years ago, open): RFC: Multiple Deploy Hosts
<dongcarl> lordcirth: Sounds like I've got a project for the holidays :-)
<lordcirth> Go for it!
<dongcarl> gchristensen: Is there more discussion on that RFC other than the GitHub issue?