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<craige> My Google-foo is failing me at present. I'm setting the NixO version via `nix.nixPath = [ "nixpkgs=" ]; which results in a `nixos-version` of `19.09pre-git (Loris)` instead of the expected `19.09.1489.d3a8243e583 (Loris)`. Is that just an artifact setting nixPath that way or is there a more efficient way to tell NixOps controlled hosts what
<craige> NixOS version they need to be tracking?
<samueldr> that's a general nixpkgs issue with how the version name is handled
* craige reads
<samueldr> since you're not using a *built* tarball, it cannot rely on the saved version suffix
<samueldr> that's why it has that unexpected name, rather than a specific version
<craige> Ah, so I'd need to modify the tar I"m getting.
<samueldr> wait
<samueldr> I didn't read closely what you said
<samueldr> and uh... I would have assumed that this would work
<samueldr> that nixexprs.tar.xz does have .git-revision, so uh
<samueldr> I don't know, maybe your system isn't built using *that* nix path?
<gchristensen> nix.nixPath isn't used when building the system I don't think?
<samueldr> thanks gchristensen, I don't know nixops, so that'S what it feels like
<craige> So the nix.nixPath is essentially a superfluous statement and my versioning is being set elsewhere, somehow?
<gchristensen> nix.nixPath is describing the nixPath which the server will have at run time
<craige> Based on my configs and that I upgraded a machine from 18.09 to 19.09 and the only plus 19.09 us reference is in the nixPath, it must be? I could always be ,issing something else, like the deployer being 19.09 having an impact.
<gchristensen> nixops uses the NIX_PATH environment variable
<craige> Ah, and that's bieng set to: NIX_PATH=nixpkgs=/nix/store/hiwzm0cvlbxn6ikqivsy3li34v58p6n5-source
<craige> That works really well and I've pinched it for the safety net, gchristensen, but the `nixos-version` remains the same.
<craige> gchristensen++
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<gchristensen> great!
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<lordcirth_> Trying to deploy a 19.09 virtualbox instance. "Mountpoint '/': 'autoResize = true' is not supported for 'fsType = "auto"'"
<lordcirth_> It seems that the default settings for virtualbox are invalid?
<lordcirth_> If I try to set autoResize = false, nix complains about a duplicate definition.
<lordcirth_> Hmm, seems to work if I point nixpkgs to master branch
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